Sunday, June 11, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

Hola mama!!!

Como está?? Sooo good to hear from you this week! To answer your questions: This is Hermana Gonzalez last week in the mission! It´s been so much fun working with her. She´s my sister! Its funny we always say that we were such good friends in the premortal world hahah. She´s great and I am going to miss her a lot! So yeah! I will be getting a new companion next Monday! It will be so weird haha because Im so used to Hermana Gonzalez. We´ll see what happens! Hermana Rawle and her companion are still living with us.. but I think they might´ve found a house this week.. I dont really know. We´ll see! It´s SO awesome to hear that Kennadi´s port is out! It makes me so excited for her to start being a little more active in her sports, school, primary and every day life. Im so proud of her! It sounds like she´s doing awesome! It makes my heart sooo happy. Im so grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses and support that she´s had. Seriously Im so grateful for the community that we live in and for all of the nice things everyone has done for her and you guys. We are so blessed!

This week was a good one! We had ocho principios this week with all of the missionaries here in Merida and it was super awesome. I love ocho principios because its when we can practice our lessons with other missionaries and you can learn new ways of teaching investigators or members or less actives. :) It was fun! 

    Yesterday, my companion and I spoke in church again and we talked about the Area Plan 2017 for Mexico. It went great! I love the area plan this year! Its called, "El tiempo ha llegado" or "The time has arrived!" This year the members of the church in Mexico have a lot of goals set to be more self sufficient, help out more with sharing the gospel with everyone, doing family history work and lots of other things! I love it! Everyone is super excited about it. I love it because we really are in the last days! We have to keep moving forward with sharing the gospel and helping our brothers and sisters. We live in a crazy world with a lot of distractions and temptations. Only knowing the promised blessings spoken from the prophets will help us overcome any type of obstacle or challenge that we have. I love Mexico!

   Today I was reading a little bit about Gordon B Hinckley in the Liahona and I loved one of his quotes! he said, "I have seen a good deal of this earth.. I have been in areas where war rages and hate smolders in the hearts of people. I have sen the appalling poverty that have over many lands... I have watched with alarm the crumbling morals of our society. And yet I am an optimist. I have a simple and solemn faith that right will triumph and that truth will prevail." I LOVED THIS. I wonder if we could all state that we are optimists as sure as Presidete Hinckley said. He truly was a prophet chosen by God. Reading about his life and the wonderful works he did makes me want to try with all my might to be more of an optimist. I have a long way to go! Ha! I want to challenge you guys to try to be more optimistic in your everyday lives. Life is so much more fun when you´re happy and have a good attitude! :)

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Im so grateful to have a mom like you. I look up to you so much! I love my family! I just hope that you guys are doing well and that everything is going good. You are all in my prayers every day. Thanks for all of the love and support! Until next week! Love you!! Have a safe and wonderful week! 
Love, Hermana Gates


1)Hermana Sarina and her brooms! I love helping her with her brooms haha
2) Hermana Garza, hermana Gonzalez, Hermana Peterson and I at our district meeting!! 
3) This morning we played volleball with our district! 
4) The hermanas. :)

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