Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Trial of Our Faith!

WHY! This week went by so crazy fast! I cant believe how fast the time is going by right now! I love the mission! Tomorrow I will complete one full year in Merida. Im so grateful to be serving in such a beautiful place. I love the people, the culture, the food, the latter day saints, the pueblo, the moto taxis, the heat (sometimes jaja!) the humidity. I just LOVE it here. This week my companion and I were able to work really hard and see tons of miracles. I love being an instrument in my Heavenly Fathers hands. I know he has a plan for each one of us and will always direct us to where we need to go. 
SOO Saul and Martha! ahh man. They have been gone all week! Martha has been at the hospital all week and we are just waiting to hear to see if she´s gonna have her baby or if they are going to try to wait for about 8 more days(so she can complete 8 months) sorry you probably dont want to know all of these facts haha. My companion and I feel like we are apart of their family so we are always calling and checking in on them and reminding them to read their book of Mormons and praying haha. They are so awesome! I just know that this is just a little trial that they are going through but we have complete faith that they will get through this trial and the baby and Martha will be healthy and they will get baptized soon. 

The Trial of Our Faith! 
The other day, my comp and I went to visit a future investigator who we had contacted and her mom walked out to greet us. She told us that her daughter had just had a baby(everyones having babies here😂) and that she wouldn´t be able to visit with us in the moment, BUT told us that her daughter told her that she read the restoration pamphlet that we gave her and was so interested in it and wants to know more! Her mom told us that she all of her kids participate in different religions and that her daughter has never found one that she´s felt good in but when she read the pamphlet she instently felt like it was true! AHHH. We are gonna go visit her soon when she´s better! :) We´re so excited! 
We´ve been traveling to another pueblo thats called Becal. (Means waterway) We have some less actives and potential investiagators that live there so thats been fun. :)

It sounds like you guys are doing absolutely great! Im so happy to hear it! HAHAH. congrats to pres for finally getting her permit. AND congrats to my sisters for doing so awesome in their tournaments this weekend! Im so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work. :) AH Ken!! Congrats on making the softball team! I knew it! You are awesome! To answer you questions: haha this pueblo is called Halachó and its pretty poor. I love it though, because the people are so humble. They dont have a lot and are completely happy with the things that they have. Its very humbling. Its the little things like owning a telephone or having a car or having work. Id say about 80% of the people dont have those things and many more things here and they are content with their lives. :) Im learning so much from these wonderful people. I hope all goes well with the drafting for Riley, that dad and grandpa and your brothers travel to Alaska safely and that all of you are happy, safe and healthy. I LOVE YOU MOM! Im so grateful for my eternal family. I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gatesj


1)Hermana Poroj y Yo!!!
2) Empanadas con papas! 
3) MOM. YOU would love these. They´re little corn dogs that we made for our branch activity. They taste like the ones at Disneyland. 
4) Hermana Patty y Yo! She´s the best! We learned how to make empanadas and corndogs with her. 
5) We got drenched again this week. The weather has been so crazy haha! We are officially in the rainy season! 

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