Sunday, June 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Reg!

Hey mom!!
Wow what a week its been for you guys! It sounds like everyone is doing super good! Im so happy! Its so fun for me to read all of the letters each week. You guys are the best! Im so blessed with the best family ever. :) Keep up the good work in everything you´re doing. The Lord will continue to bless you in ways you cant imagine. :) Yay thats so exciting Pres made the softball team!! Who is all on the varsity team?? How does the team look for this season? I love this time of year! Please enjoy it for me! Good luck to the softball and baseball team this weekend! Does that mean it´s spring break for you guys right now? And little league too! Mom, you are an all-star. You are an inspiration to me. I dont know how you do it, but you have so many responsibilities and you always give it 11111% in everything you do. Good luck with the league this season! I hope Ken will be able to play this season too. :) Thats so nice you guys only have to travel up north once a month. And Im so glad you´ve always had good weather while traveling. That is definitely a blessing. :) Ahhh that is so crazy Sierra is getting married this weekend! And Kaleb got his mission call! SO much is going on! Please tell them both congrats for me please. Annnnnddd Reggie. I cant believe he´s 24. Im glad you were all able to celebrate together on Saturday. Sounds like he had a fun day. :)

This week was a good one! My companion and I found 4 new investigators to teach! AHH we are so happy! We found another investigator this morning and we have a really good feeling about her. Her name is Alma and she´s about 60 years old. She was a referral from the church offices. We went to her house to see if she would like to know more about the church! When we got there we introduced ourselves to her and she was not accepting us! I´ve learned that here in the mission we need to be persistent BUT kind. As missionaries we´re here to preach the gospel to these wonderful people. So my companion and I have tried really hard to find the needs with everyone we talk to. A thought came into my mind to ask her if she´s really able to feel the love of God in her life. She paused and looked at us for a few seconds. Then she opened her door and said come in. Her husband died 10 years ago and she´s felt really lonely especially these past few months. We where able to teach her about the gospel and plan that God has prepared for us and she was very interested! We´re gonna go back and visit her on Wednesday! Its the little promptings of the spirit that we need to always follow! The Spirit is the best teacher here in the mission and in our lives. We are Gods instruments here and ahh its such a privilege!

We had our gospel of Jesus Christ activity this weekend as a ward. It was so fun. We used the principles like faith, repentence, baptism, the Holy Ghost and Endure to the end and found hymns to go along with each principle. It was a like a little musical. I know for sure dad would´ve really enjoyed it. ;) It was fun! We had a good turn out! It´s so fun being with the members in our ward. Though they are few, they are so wonderful and have wonderful testimonies. I love being here in Dolores Otero! 

The past couple of days has been cloudy and windy. Its been a blessing! It feels so good. We are about to enter into the hottest part of the year. Pray for me. ;) Every one says that April and May are the months that are the hottest! 

How has your scripture reading been going? I hope its going! And also weekly visits to the temple as a family! It´s so important as a family to go to the temple! I hope those are going well. Im so grateful for you and all that you do for me. Your words and letters truly inspire me and help me! I love you so much and hope you have the greatest week ever!! Good luck with everything!! Talk to you next week!
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Happy Birthday Reggie! 
2) The bible in maya! Abuelito Sosa told me this was the REAL maya language
3) Mormon Tabernacle Choir. ;) haha nah! The participants in the musical!
4 & 5) We found the TINIEST baby oranges. They werent ready to eat though. (i forgot the word in english woops)
6) Hermana Yuridida! She is 13 years old and loves to go out on visits with us! Shes so much fun!

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