Sunday, June 11, 2017

Little Buddy

Hey mom!!!
So great to hear from you! I love P-days haha! Im so happy, sounds like everyone is doing well. :) Hahahhaha I laughed so hard at the story of Kennadi. "little buddy" haha. She´s such a good sport. Im glad you guys got a laugh at that. I love the overlook hike! Its so pretty! So crazy to hear that softball and baseball tryouts are this week. Ahh I love this time of year at home. Enjoy it for me please! Good luck to all of those kids who are trying out. :) Please tell Tracee hi for me! Thats so fun that Reg will be coaching the boys freshman team. He´ll do great!  Thats awesome to hear about Riley! It sounds like he´s doing super great with baseballl and everything. I love it! I love you guys! Thank you for your examples!😊

I love my companion Hermana Hernandez! Its definitely a lot different not having Hermana Gonzalez around but Im so grateful to be companions with Hermana Hernandez. Yes, all of my companions have been latinas. Costa Rica, Mexico City, Baja California Sur and now Honduras! It´s awesome. I love it. :) Hermana Hernandez is super diligent and noble. It´s been fun working with her and getting to know her. 

I think this week has been one of those weeks where I´ve really grown as a missionary. We had tons of unique experiences where I´ve been able to learn and grow. I love the mission for that! It gives me the opportunity to grow into the person Heavenly Father needs me to become. There are a lot of people who dont want to listen to us. Who have different beliefs. Who reject us. Every. single. day. But each time my companion and I are able to bear testimony of what we believe to these wonderful people, my testimony and the love I have for the gospel only gets strengthened. My love for these people only grows too! I just want them to know about the good news and true happiness the gospel brings! It probably sounds a little silly but I love being a missionary and having these trials set out in front of me! This time on earth is a time of probation. It´s a time where we are able to show our Heavenly Father our devotion to Him. Its a time to learn and grow. I love being a missionary. I love it I love it I love it hahah. 

I want to invite you all to open up your scriptures and turn to Alma 32 12-14. These verses talk about humility. Being a humble is a manner of showing love and respect to our Heavenly Father. It´s a way of showing gratitude that we need His divine help in our lives every day. When we are humble we tend to work hard and serve selflessly. We accept every thing that is put in our lives. Humility is an attribute of Christ that I love! Please read those scriptures please! (how is your daily scripture study?) What are some of your favorite scriptures?

Things are going great here in Merida! Im so so so happy to hear that you are all doing well and things are good. If you ever need anything please let me know! Im so grateful for all of the love and support I´ve had in the mission. Love you!!!! Have a wonderful week. Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1) First time eating "relleno Negro". Its one of the typical yucatan foods here!
2) Hermana Hernandez! :)
3) La Familia Sosa! It was so much fun meeting Barbara and Felipe. :)

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