Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kennadi's been kickin' it for 1 year now!

Hey mom!
How are you?? Sounds like this week was a great one! I cant believe its been 1 year since Ken was diagnosed. I was also thinking about all that had happened the 29th of April of last year and tons of memories flooded back. I believe we have all seen so many miracles and blessings in this last year. Its been a crazy one but one that we´re never going to forget. I think as a family we´ve been able to grow and learn together. :) I know, I probably dont know all that happens at home but Im so grateful that you guys are being blessed and doing good. Im so so so proud of K-dog. Shes such a strong, tough little girl and is definitely fighting out the cancer. Keep kicking it out k-dog!!! 

This week was a crazy but good one! Seriously I´ve never traveled so much in the mission ha. We had to travel to Merida a few times this week to renew my green card and come for baptism interviews. Those bus rides are 2 hours long so Im learning lots of patience haha! This week was Williams baptism!!! Ahh im so happy for him. He was SOOOOOOOO happy. It was so funny we told the members in our ward the baptism was going to start at 6 and we told William it was going to start at 6:30 so they would be there before him. (Because nothing here in Mexico starts on time haha) and he still beat everyone at his own baptism! He came at 6:15 and was the first one there. 😂 He was so ready. 

Its been sooo hot here in Merida! Its those months of April and May! Last night we saw a miracle though. We had a great big thunderstorm here in Halachó. It was actually really beautiful! It totally cooled down this pueblo haha. My companion and I were super excited!!

Sorry I dont have a lot of time to write right now because we have to travel back to Halacho soon. (We had to travel to Merida this morning). But I hope you guys know how much I love you and appreciate you!! Thank you for all that you do for me. Ive truly been blessed with the best family ever. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Love you!
Love, Hermana Gates


1, 2, & 3) Getting the water from the water well!!
4) Filling the font for the baptism!
5) Practicing the piano ;) hahahah
7, 8, & 9) Funny story. A family in our branch has baby chicks and I was super excited to hold one. Right when I picked it up it pooped and peed right in my hand hahaha. Good times. 

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