Sunday, June 11, 2017

Softball Season!

Hey mom!!

So good to hear from you!! This week was so great! I love my new companion and I love my new area! Its super awesome! I was a little nervous to see how I´d be in a pueblo but it has been so great! Hermana Lopez just finished her training. Training is 3 months long so she´s new but she´s so great! We´ve had so much fun together and its been awesome getting to know her. She has such a strong testimony and is such a diligent worker. We get along great! :) Caucel and Dolores Otero were super close to Centro. Its interesting being super far away but its been good. We are in the middle of Campeche and Merida. :) We live in the old prayer house! Hahah its super great! Our house is pretty nice. Its clean. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS AREA. It reminds me a lot of Pine Valley and being out in the mountains. I think my companion thinks im crazy because everynight I get so excited to see the stars. Its been awhile since ive been able to see the stars pretty good! In the city there´s so much light that you cant see them very well! I smell like campfire everyday haha. Its awesome. The people here have tons of geese, chickens, turkeys and roosters! Being in this area is so humbling. It just makes me so grateful for what I have. There are fruit trees EVERYWHERE. I get so tempted to pick off the bananas, mangos, papaya and all of the other fruits! 

We have some solid investigators! We are working with a family right now and they are awesome. They have the true desire to change. I love it because the dad is set on having an eternal family. He loves his family so much and wants every blessing for them. Martha (the mom) told us last night that she has received her answer to get baptized!! Saul is still waiting for his answer but I have no doubt that he will receive it. They are golden! They are so much fun to be around. Such humble people. :) 

Its so awesome to hear how everyone is doing. Im so happy Ken and Pres are doing so well in school and softball. They are quite the little athletes! Thats awesome to hear that Ken has been able to go to her practices. That stinks that she has the same stomach problem that Reg and I had! As long as she´s taking her pill she´ll be just fine. :) Thats so fun you guys celebrated easter this yesterday. I was actually super confused and a little worried that Easter had passed by and I didn´t even know it hahaha. Im excited for this easter sunday! This Sunday my companion and I are putting on a Face to Face with President and Hermana Ruiz in our branch. Its gonna be great! We´re inviting our investigators and ward members. :)

Im so glad you guys have started reading the Book of Mormon every day!! Seriously its SO important! Sometimes I dont think we understand the importance of doing the little things like reading and praying everyday. Please keep pushing forward! The gospel is so true. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the kingdom of God here on earth. The teachings we can learn and live our for our benefit and testify to us that we have a Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that God and Jesus Chist LIVE! They love us so much and know us perfectly! Im so happy to be a missionary. Things are going so great! Thank you for the love and support! LOVE YOU! Have a wonderful week. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1- Ice Cream! One of our investigatores owns the best ice cream shop. :)

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