Sunday, June 18, 2017

BYU West Coast Champions!

Mama Gates!!!
CONGRATS BYU BASEBALL BOYS!!!! Holy cow that is so exciting that they won!! Im so proud of Riley and his teammates! You will have to let me know where they will be playing next! Sounds like this week was a good one for you guys! Thats so fun you all were able to travel to watch the boys play in California. Im glad you made it home safely. 

This week was a LITTLE crazy. Im sorry for the lame email last week but we were rushing. Hermana Jimenez went home Friday and I got my cute new companion Hermana Poroj!! And guess where she´s from? QUETZALTANGO GUATEMALA! Its so fun because thats where Reg served! So we are always talking about Guatemala and everything. What are some of the areas Reggie served in? Hermana Poroj will be going home the transfer before me. Its been fun working this week with her. She´s super diligent and obedient and we get along great. She is an answer to prayers! We´ve seen lots of miracles in the little time that we´ve been together. 

Our investigators Saul and Marta went on a little trip to Progresso for 2 weeks and so I was really nervous to see how they were doing with reading the Book of Mormon and praying since they´ve been gone. But they´ve been doing great! Saul has been really nervous to get baptized because he is afraid of what his mom will think. We went back last night to visit them and they both accepted a baptism date for the 10th of June! It was a miracle! Saul was so excited and was asking us what type of clothing he can wear and all and what more he can do to be better prepared. It was actually really funny. He was like a little kid opening presents on Christmas morning. :)

We had our district conference this weekend! It was GREAT. Presidente Ruiz, his counselors and their wives spoke and they gave such inspiring talks. They talked on showing love to everyone, Having our family home evenings, and how we can be better members of the church. The talk given by Hermana Ruiz definitely stuck out to me and I want to share a little bit with you guys. She told us that she was going to describe someone and we were going to have to guess who it was. She said that this person wakes up in the morming, prays, gets ready, eats breakfast, reads scriptures and shares the gospel. Who is it? Its every member of the church. This is not only the role of missionaries but the role of every latter day saint. I found a quote from Brigham Young (to celebrate the byu boys baseball team ;)) he said, "If all the talent, tact, wisdom, and refinement of the world had been sent to me with the Book of Mormon, and had declared in the most exalted of earthly eloquence, the truth of it, undertaking to prove it by learning and worldy wisdom, they would have been to me like little smoke which arises only to vanish away. But when I saw a man without eloquence or talents for public speaking, who coud only say, ´I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book Of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord,´ the Holy Ghost proceeding from the indiviual illuminated my understanding and a light, glory, and immortality were before me. I was encircled by them, filled with them, and I knew for myself taht the testimony of the man was true." Our testimonies are so powerful! We have the right to share them with everyone and share the gospel of our Savior. It doesn´t matter if we have a hard time speaking in front of people. A testimony is a testimony. It is what carries us through lifes challenges and what helps people know the truthfullness of our message. I want to challenge you all to really try to share the gospel! Invite someone to church. Read them a scripture that you like. Do something! You guys will be so blessed if you do so. God loves you!!!

I love being a missionary! Im so grateful for the experience in my life! It truly has brought me so much happiness. I love being an instrument in Gods hands. Its an amazing feeling feeling the spirit work through me. I hope you guys know how much I love you!! Im so grateful for your examples, prayers, love and support. I dont know what I´d do without you. I hope you have a fantastic week. :) Talk to you next week!!!
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Hermana Nancy Chi and I did divisions this week! She´s awesome. I love the Familia Chi!! 
2) Hermana Jimenez in the Classic Yucatan Gala dresses. :)
3) The Chi sisters!! 

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