Saturday, August 26, 2017

I love being a missionary!!

Hola Mama!!!
Como estas? Como le fue su semana?? It sounds like you guys are doing good and staying busy. Holy cow, so crazy to hear that school has finally started. How is everyone feeling about that?? ha! that is so crazy Ken is starting at Lava Ridge and that Pres is in HIGH SCHOOL. Seriously when did they grow up?? I cant believe how fast time is flying by. I hope they had a good first day of school. :) They look so cute in their first day of school pictures! Thats so cool Ri got to see pres at BYU last week. Sounds like he had a good birthday and is excited to be back in Utah. Thats so fun you all got to go to the conference. 

This week was a good! It sure went by super fast! To answer your question.. all was well here in the peninsula ha! A few days this week it rained super hard and was super windy but we were safe. It felt so good outside though. Merida needed to cool down a little bit. It´s so hot right now! 

Bryan got baptized! It was so special! My companion and I were able to go because the ward in Brisas shares the church with the ward in Industrial. If only I could tell you how special his baptism service was. So many of his friends from EFY went and his family and a lot of the members went to support him. He shared his testimony and it was so powerful. It was really funny, he was like, "I never imagined going to EFY and becoming a mormon this summer. Im so happy to be a member of this church. I feel so clean!" Bryan is a really special person and im so excited for him.

We had a leadership meeting this week with President and Hermana Ruiz. It went great! We talked a lot about purifying ourselves as missionaries and being more consecrated to the work and to the Lord. It was super awesome. We also talked about the atonement and repentance and how we can help the other missionaries fulfill their callings and responsibilities. I love the insights that president gave us. I know that he truly does hold the keys for this mission and is an inspired instrument in Gods hands. 

This week was a good one and I cant believe how fast it went by! Im so happy and there´s so much to look forward to in these coming weeks. I love being a missionary and helping others and sharing the gospel. Its such a special time in my life and im so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for your love and support! I hope you guys have a wonderful week!! Be safe. Love you!!!
Love, Hermana Gates


) our relief society activity!
2) Bryans baptism!! 
3) We had a water balloon war as a zone. it was so much fun haha!

Busy week!

Hey mom!!
Wow this week was so great/crazy! So much has happened! I dont even know where to start hahah. First off, my companion has been really sick this week so we were at the clinic for 3 days.. but she´s doing better! The doctor gave her some medicine and a diet so she should be getting better soon. :) 

Transfer week!! I got transfered! Im in my new area, Brisas with Hermana Morales as a Sister Training Leader! Im super excited! We are in charge of the sisters in two zones so its going to be awesome doing divisions, getting to know the other sisters and going to the leadership conferences with President Ruiz and Hermana Ruiz. Im so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and become the missionary/person that God intends for me to be. I have so much to learn and do! Its going to be a great transfer! 

Our 16 year old investigator in Indutrial! Bryans baptism is this Saturday! He is soo prepared. He has been going to church and has wanted to get baptized for 3 years but has been so nervous to do so. When he talked to his mom about getting baptized she started to cry! She is so excited for him and is gonna come to Merida this Saturday to see him get baptized. The lessons that we gave him this week were so fun. He knew pracitically everything so we just had to go over everything quick so that he could understand the doctrine better. 

Yesterday we had 7 investigators at church! It was AMAZING! My companion and I were completely filled with so much joy. God has been so good to us. Despite that Hermana Cordova was sick, we were able to see so many miracles with investigators and less actives going to church! It was a great/crazy week! :) haha!!

You guys sound so good!! I cant believe school is going to start next week! I feel like this summer passed by so fast! Thats so excited Macey and Cole got married and that Kaleb leaves tomorrow for his mission!! Tell them congrats for me please. Thats so fun you guys celebrated Granmdas birthday this week. She´s awesome! Sounds like she had a good day. :) I cant believe reg and Had have been married for 2 years! I feel like they got married yesterday! time flies by! I love them so much and im so glad they had a good anniversary. 
Oh mom, it sounds like you guys are going so good!! Im so happy! I love you guys so much and am sooo happy you are doing well. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the last week of summer! Be safe and talk to you next week! :)
Con amor, hermana Gates


1)Hermana Cordova!! Last day as companions!
2)Hermana Bair goes home this week! She is such a great missionary and so fun to be around!
3)Our zone!! Zona Brisas! The sister in the middle is going home this transfer!
4) I know we look really scary in this photo but there is a sister in our ward who painted us some pictures! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things are going great!

Hey mom!!!
So good to hear from you!! Sounds like you guys are doing so good!! Im so glad! Sounds like you had a fun busy week this week. Thats so awesome you were able to go to Boston with dad and madie to see Ri! I bet you guys really enjoyed your trip and seeing riley again. :) I love the pictures you sent, thats so cool you were able to go to fenway park. Lucky! Also, Im so happy to hear that Kens treatment went well. She is such a strong little girl, im so proud of her and how far she´s come with her treatments. She really does inspire me! Oh man, I love Hermana Terry! She is so awesome. Everytime we saw each other we always talked about good ol St. George. You´ll definitely have to meet up with her. She´s the best! :) So crazy Kaleb is heading out soon! Maybe I´ll see him here down in Mexico. ;) Please tell him good luck and welcome to Mexico! Viva Mexico! haha! I love hearing about you guys. Thanks for always informing me on everything, it makes me so happy to know you guys are all doing good. :) 
This week was a good one! Seriously flew by!!! I think one of the biggest highlights this week was sacrament meeting yesterday. ahh it was so good. The spirit was so strong. This past week was EFY for all of the teenagers here in Merida and Campeche and yesterday during sacrament meeting we listened to all the testimonies of the teenagers that attended. Their testimonies were so powerful. Each one of them said that their testimonies had been strengthened so much and that they plan on serving missions. Each one of them! Even one who isnt a member! ... miracle story.. before the meeting started we were greeting the members as they were walking in and one of the sisters in the ward has her nephew staying with her for a few weeks and he´s not a member. He went to EFY with his cousins and told us that he wants to get baptized because he wants to serve a mission like us. Hes 16 years old! So after we write today we´re gonna go visit him and put a baptism date! It was awesome! 
Another highlight was our stake acitivity "Discovering Family History"! It was so awesome! The members put together a museum of their family history like photos, letters, chairs, things that their ancestors made.. there were lessons on how you could find your ancestors.. there were videos and little crafts.. and at the end about 20 of the members danced the "Jarana"! The dance from the Yucatan! ahhh it was the best! It was like seeing a tuacahn show. haha. no, but it was so great. I love the culture here in Merida. I cant wait for you guys to come down and experience it for yourselves. Its so beautiful! A lot of our investigators and less actives who we are working with were able to come and they absolutely loved it. It was a great activity!! 
This week, as a zone we also went to the temple with our investigators and recent converts to have a lesson with the Temple President. Here in our mission, President Ruiz gave us permission to take our investigators to the temple and have a lesson inside the temple in the waiting room. It was so special! The Temple President talked about the temple and families and our invesitagators really loved it. You can always count on to feel the spirit when you´re in the Temple. The presence of the lord is always there. Its His home and He dwells there. Which I want to invite you guys to go to the temple this week. Now that all of you can enter, go as a family and do baptisms. Doing the work for those who have passed on is SO important. There are children of God waiting for people to do their work here on earth so that they can progress and live with God again. Its a great missionary opporutnity. :)
Things are going great! Im super happy and am enjoying every moment here in the mission. Its so special. I love Merida! I love being a missonary. Im so grateful for you guys. Thank you for your support and love. It means so much to me! I hope you have a wonderful week! Please be safe! Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1 &2) The temple!!!

3) Sister Olivares! She´s my "sister" in the mission!! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

SOOO many miracles!

Hey Mom!!!

Wow this week was incredible! My companion and I saw SOOO many miracles! Our investigators, Manuel and Paty got MARRIED and BAPTIZED!!! We are so so happy for them. :) I love missionary work! Seeing two of Gods elect children get baptized this week was an unforgetable experience. They were so well prepared and so ready to make this baptism covenant. Honestly, they look like they´ve been members all of their lives. So to begin with the miracle story:
Last Tuesday we received a phone call that they wouldn´t be able to get married on Friday because there wasn´t a date available... laws of Mexico.. and so we were all trying to search for other places where they could register to get married and after  A LOT searching, tears and prayers we finally found a place! Some other challenges also occured this week but we wont get into that but they were able to overcome all of the opposition that satan had put in this week and they were able to get married civily on Friday and baptized on Saturday!!. Now, they are looking forward to going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead in a few weeks and getting sealed in a year! (which im definitely going to return back for that. :) hahah) AHH im so happy for them!! 

We had interviews with President this week and he wanted me to tell you and dad that I have Mexican parents that love me hahahah. I love my mission president! He told me that he wants to meet you guys. His daughter lives in Bountiful, Utah and so when they finish their mission they are planning on traveling down I-15 to St. George to meet you guys!
We found a new investigator this week who is totally ready to receive the gospel! We were having a lesson with one of our investigators about lesson 3 when Gonzalo walked in the house and started listening to us. He asked us how he is able to really endure to the end and do the will of Father and we were able to explain to him what he is able to do. His heart is so open and is so willing to do anything to be on the right path. We are so excited to continue teaching him and helping him!! We seriously are seeing so many tender mercies in this area, I love it! Our Heavenly Father has been so good to us. I know that all of the miracles that we saw this week came from Him. This is His work and glory and Im so grateful and happy to just be an instrument in His hands. 

Im so happy you guys had a good trip to the lake and that everyone was safe. I love the fun tradition that Grandma Gates has started. Im so grateful for her and for her wonderful example! Please tell her hi for me. Good luck with Kens treatments this week! Everything will be just fine. She is so tough and im so proud of all the progress she´s made in these 15 months. Thats so fun you guys will be traveling to see Riley in Boston this week! Give him a big hug for me! Holy cow you guys are always on the road. I guess its good to keep busy, right? ha! Please take lots of pictures! I LOVE pictures! Im so glad that you are all doing well, and are super happy. Keep enjoying your summer vacations and be safe! I love you guys so much and hope you have an incredible week. :) Fly safe to Boston!!

Love, Hermana Gates


1) our new bikes ;) nah jk! I love the trici´s here!!! 
2 & 3) I saw hermana Rawle at the offices for our interviews with Presidente! She´s back! 
2) Getting paty ready for her wedding!
3 & 4) Its official!
5 & 6)They are going straight to the celestial kingdom! they took us out to eat shrimp ha! 
7, 8, 9, & 10) Their baptism!

Things are going super good!

Hey mom!!!
How are you?? Sounds like you´re all doing super great! That stinks that the girls lost in the championship but Im glad they made it that far! Thats so awesome! Next year! Im so happy Ken had a good birthday. Sounds like you guys did a lot that day. I cant believe she´s 12 years old and will be in Young Womens! She´s growing up! She´ll be able to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. :)

This week was a good one! It was super crazy, but good. This new area is really confusing hahah. We have a really big area and the streets are super confusing but I know I´ll get them down soon ha! My companion has a lot of patience with me! It´s been a weird adjustment coming into the city but its been really good. Im really happy to be back and a little bit closer to downtown. My companion and I have been getting a long great! She´s a super hardworker and we´ve made plans to travel to Machu piccu  after our missions haha! I love being able to learn something new from all of my companions. Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me with some great companions throughout my mission, Im so grateful! 

Its been really fun getting to know the members in our ward. They are all so welcoming and have been so kind to me. I love meeting the members here in Merida! They are ALL so wonderful! Our ward is so willing to help us in the Lords work. Our bishop has been so willing to go on visits with us this week and we´ve been able to find a lot more people to teach. There is so much work here in Industrial and Im so happy to be here!

This week we will have a wedding and 2 baptisms! Our investigators, Manuel and Patty are so incredible! The Lord really did prepare them to enter into the waters of baptism. I guess manuels grandaughter is serving a mission in Argentina and she sent a request for the missionaries to visit her grandpa. They´ve been preparing for their baptism for 3 months and this week they will be getting baptized. They are so excited! Im so happy for them!! It will be a great week filled with so many activities. :) 

OH YEAH!! Hermano Manuel (my old mission leader) dad got baptized Saturday!!! Im sooo happy for him and their family. :)

Things are going super good! I cant believe how fast the time is going right now. I love the mission! It´s an incredible adventure. I hope you guys are doing well and happy. Please be safe and have a good trip at Lake Powell!! Eat some dangling rope ice cream for me. ;) I love you guys!! Have a great week!!
Love, Hermana Gates


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stuck in a rainstorm!

SORRY IM ALIVE.. hahah how is everyone doing?? This week was the best-craziest! The reason why I didn´t write yesterday is because we had special transfers! There´s a sister who is returning home a couple weeks early and so I got transfered back to the city! Im in an area called Industrial and my new companion is Hermana Cordova! She is from Peru. :) Our zone leaders called us at 2 yesterday and told me I had to hurry and pack and head to the offices... It was a crazy adventure! BUT yeah, we didn´t have time to write yesterday so they´re giving us this time to do so now. :) 
This passed week was a good one. I LOVE Halachó and Im gonna miss it a lot but Im super excited to be in the city again. In Halachó we set a date for Nicholas (The one who received the Book of Mormon about 5 years ago from the Elders in Cancun and knows that its true) to be baptized in two weeks and so we have been preparing him for that. And you remember Wilium my convert? His brother wants to get baptized! He also had problems drinking but hasn´t drunk in a 1 month! HE IS A CHOSEN ONE TOO. So hermana Poroj and her new companion will be finishing the mission lessons with those investigators. :) We had also been working a lot with the less actives in our ward. We visited an hermana who hasn´t been to church in 12 years! We started talking to her about faith and the repentance process and she has so many desires to return back to the church and renew her covenants. The spirit totally guided the lesson and really touched her heart. It was SOOO amazing!!! She committed to coming to church with us. :)
This new area is really great. We have some great investigators who have a date to get married and be baptized in two weeks so we´re really excited about that. :) I don´t really know a whole lot about this area or know the members so I´ll inform you on that next week hahaha. IM HAPPY!
Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week! And sounds like there´s lots of new changes going on. But yeah, like you said change can be good. :) Im so glad you are all enjoying your summer vacations! WOW.. it´s hard to keep up with you guys hahah. You guys all sound so good and Im so so so so grateful to my Heavenly Father that he has been watching over and protecting each one of you. It seriously is music to my ears to hear how everyone is doing. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Im so happy you had a wonderful 4th of July! This year, my companion and I and our sister training leaders got caught in a rain/thunderstorm in halachó hahah.. but it was all good. We took shelter in a floor business for about 3 hours!😂 We were able to teach some of the workers about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. It was actually a way cool experience. I LOVE THE MISSION. Every change, every experience, every person, every companion. Its been so amazing serving here in merida. I love you guys so much! Seriously, I cant thank you enough for all of the support, love and prayers. I hope you have a wonderful week full of blessings!! LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Hermana Gates

1) Caught in the thunderstorm!!! 
2) A nice home welcoming to my new home in Industrial! I watched my comp be born in the field and ever since we met we always said that one day we´d be companions! That day has come haha!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

Hey mom and family!!!

How are you all doing?? You sound so great and sounds like this week was a good one!!! Im so glad kens treatment went well this week. I´ve been praying for her a lot! Im so grateful that she wasn´t paralyzed by the same medication again. That is a blessing! She is working so hard and I´m so proud to call her my sister! I love the pictures you send with her playing softball. She has been progressing so much. Before we all know it she will be at 100% in no time! 

So fun you guys had girls camp this week!! I love girls camp! It was always such a blast! Pres told me she was super excited to do the 4th year hike with Tabby. I hope she´s doing well! What is she up to? Please tell her I say hi. :) Thats so sweet ken was able to give a little talk at girls camp. Im proud of her for agreeing to talk to the whole stake! It sounds like camp was a very spiritual experience for all of you. :)  Tell Laikenn congrats or getting baptized! Im so proud of that little girl! And how fun the twins got blessed. Im so excited to meet them! 

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. I hope you all eat some good hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoy the fireworks this year. What a wonderful time to celebrate our country! 

This week was a good one! We had tons of great experiences with the members in our ward. :) We invited one of the older ladies in our ward to some appointments we had and it was AWESOME. She was so great! Her name is Hermana Irma and has the one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. She grew up catholic and was known here in the pueblo as the "resadora". EVERYONE knows her. As we would walk down the street she greeted almost every person that passed by which was a perfect opportunity to share the gospel. Her conversion story is so powerful. It was amazing to see her share her testimony and stand up for her beliefs in front of her peers. It made me think about all the people I know who aren´t members of the church. She taught me the importance of ALWAYS sharing the gospel and standing up for what I believe in, even if it might be a little awkward with those we know. It was SOOO great!!!!

We saw tons of miracles with some converts who had gone astray. Carlos and Lorena got baptized in December and during this time had stopped coming to church and reading their scriptures. We´ve been really trying to work with them and last night we talked about how their family can be eternal and how they can prepare for the temple to be sealed. The attitude of the night had changed and the spirit touched their hearts. They were once again enligtened by the gospel and set goals so that they can be sealed together in December. It was so great for me and my comp to see their attitudes change about everything! Its an amazing experience to be an instrument in the hands of God. This is His work and glory and he is working mighty miracles here in this pueblo. 

Oh yes! Martha had her baby!! we´re gonna go see her this week to check on her and see if they need anything. :) 

Things are going good! Im super happy to be serving my Heavenly Father! I hope you all are happy and healthy. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. :) LOVE YOU!!!!! have a great week!!

Hermana Gates


1) Chillin with lucky ;)
2) Relief Society Activity! We also celebrated some birthdays. :)
3) This is Abril!! She reminds me SOO much of Kdog!! 
4 & 5) She made a little paper ¨Hermana Gates¨ hahahhaha

Little Miracles

Hey Mom and Fam!!
How are you all doing?? WOW! It sounds like you guys are just living it up! Im so glad you´re keeping busy, staying safe and having fun. It´s so fun to hear how everyone is doing and what you´ve been up to. I hope all goes well with Kennadi´s treatment today. She will be in my prayers for sure! Thats so exciting that girls camp is this week. Thats so fun that all of you girls will be able to go. ahahah Im proud of ken for agreeing to speaking in front of the whole stake! She´s going to do awesome!! You´ll have to let me know how it goes. If you can, send a video!! 

This week was really good! But I have some bad news.. Last monday I found out that my misión leader in Dolores Otero passed away. He was my misión leader for 6 months so we got to know each other really well. Ah it breaks my heart but I know he is in a better place keeping the missionary work going. He seriously was such a good leader! The members in Dolores Otero  have been keeping in contact with me and it sounds like they´re doing well and are content. Something thats pretty cool though is that Manuel´s (misión leader) dad isn´t a member and now he wants to get baptized! It´s a miracle! He never wanted to listen to me and Hermana Gonzalez hahah but now he´s wanting to take the missionary lessons and get baptized! I know the Lords time for everything is perfect. His plan is perfect. Even though we have these trials in our life we just need to keep pushing forward with faith. Gods got the better plan!

BUT this week was a really good one! We had transfers! But me and Hermana Poroj are staying here in Halachó another transfer! Not gonna lie, I totally thought I was leaving the área but im so happy to have more time here! I love Halachó and everyone in it haha. :) It´s a beautiful Little pueblo with tons of mosquitos haha (Dont worry i bought a whole lot of repellent). This week we had an awesome experience. My companion and I were looking for a reference and ran into someone named Nicholas. We got talking to Nicholas and he said that when he was in cancun, mormon missionaries gave him a Book of Mormon to read. He said that he always reads and feels that its true! Mine and my companions jaws dropped when he said he knew it was true. God really does prepare His children to hear about the góspel! We are so excited to teach him and help him understand the restoration and the other missionary lessons. :) Please pray for him! he´s gold!

This week my companion and I found an old investigating family who the elders had taught over a year ago and with transfers between the elders they stopped meeting with this family. Well.. We showed up at the door and the dad saw us and immediately ran out of his house to greet us. He yelled out, "yeny! ven! los elderes están aquí!" hahah😂 he was so excited He told us that we could visit him and his family today because they want to know more about the church. It was pretty coool!!!!

I know that the Lord really does prepare his children to hear the góspel. It´s amazing to be a witness of it here in Merida. Im so grateful for this time in my life to serve him. I really cant believe how fast the time is going by! Im trying to enjoy every single day! The misión is so fun and exciting. Every day is so different. Im so grateful for all of your love and support. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!! Love you alll!!!
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Hermana Yescas and Hermana Terry! Hermana Terry will be returning home this Wednesday! If you see her strolling around St. George please give her a big hug from me!!!
3) We are the only sisters in our district hahah. Its great!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Blessings from prayers!

Hola mama!!! 
How are you?? It sounds like this past week was a good one for you guys! Im sure it was a little strange having everyone in a different part of the world but im sure you were able to get a lot done and the house stayed clean, right? ;)  Oh you know i will be bringing the family to Merida. You guys will love it here. Its now the rainy season! Its still super hot though. Its usually the hottest in April and May so those months have passed! The weather is interesting because it gets super super hot during the day and then pours like crazy in the evening. I love it though. :) Martha still hasn´t had her baby but this week we are going to have to stop seeing them or a bit. They haven´t been able to keep some of their commitments and they´ve been gone a lot so my companion and I feel that right now we need to stop seeing them for a bit. Its so hard but I think its better this way. 

Halachó is about 3 hours from the ocean. Only when we travel to Campeche we see the ocean. And I think there is a cenote in Becal thats why its called the water way. :)Ahh I love Hermana Gonzalez! Im so glad she was able to meet you guys. She seriously is the best! We´re gonna be friends forever. Ahah yes we will definitely visit her in Baja california. ;)
This week we went to Campeche for a multizone conference. It went super great! We talked about the principle of the book of Mormon and how we can help our investigators receive revelation that the book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God. I love my mission president and his wife because they are always so filled with the spirit and know exactly what to tell us to help us be better missionaries. It was a very inspiring meeting. :)
After we wrote last week, my companion held a family home evening with a family in our branch. It was so awesome and you could feel the spirit so strong! We talked about the power and prayer and how important it is to have family prayers every day. There are countless blessings we can all receive if we pray as a family daily. It was so special because we had each member think of a blessing that they have received and will receive from having their family prayers. You could feel the love that each member had for each other and my companion and I definitely felt apart of their family as well. These people are so special to me!!! :)

There are countless experiencias that happen every day in the mission field and I wish I had time to tell you guys EVERYTHING. Someday! But I just love the mission so much. Its the craziest adventure ever. Every day is so different and its the best to share the gospel with so many people. I love being a missionary! If you are thinking about going on a mission, GO! You wont regret it. Please tell Taylor Gunn congrats on her mission call! And if you see Lauren Brown give her a big hug for me! You´ll have to go to all of my friends homecomings and farewells. :) 
i love you mom!!! Thank you for all that you for me. I´d be so lost without you, thats for sure! I hope you have a great week!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. :)

Love, hermana Gates

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Trial of Our Faith!

WHY! This week went by so crazy fast! I cant believe how fast the time is going by right now! I love the mission! Tomorrow I will complete one full year in Merida. Im so grateful to be serving in such a beautiful place. I love the people, the culture, the food, the latter day saints, the pueblo, the moto taxis, the heat (sometimes jaja!) the humidity. I just LOVE it here. This week my companion and I were able to work really hard and see tons of miracles. I love being an instrument in my Heavenly Fathers hands. I know he has a plan for each one of us and will always direct us to where we need to go. 
SOO Saul and Martha! ahh man. They have been gone all week! Martha has been at the hospital all week and we are just waiting to hear to see if she´s gonna have her baby or if they are going to try to wait for about 8 more days(so she can complete 8 months) sorry you probably dont want to know all of these facts haha. My companion and I feel like we are apart of their family so we are always calling and checking in on them and reminding them to read their book of Mormons and praying haha. They are so awesome! I just know that this is just a little trial that they are going through but we have complete faith that they will get through this trial and the baby and Martha will be healthy and they will get baptized soon. 

The Trial of Our Faith! 
The other day, my comp and I went to visit a future investigator who we had contacted and her mom walked out to greet us. She told us that her daughter had just had a baby(everyones having babies here😂) and that she wouldn´t be able to visit with us in the moment, BUT told us that her daughter told her that she read the restoration pamphlet that we gave her and was so interested in it and wants to know more! Her mom told us that she all of her kids participate in different religions and that her daughter has never found one that she´s felt good in but when she read the pamphlet she instently felt like it was true! AHHH. We are gonna go visit her soon when she´s better! :) We´re so excited! 
We´ve been traveling to another pueblo thats called Becal. (Means waterway) We have some less actives and potential investiagators that live there so thats been fun. :)

It sounds like you guys are doing absolutely great! Im so happy to hear it! HAHAH. congrats to pres for finally getting her permit. AND congrats to my sisters for doing so awesome in their tournaments this weekend! Im so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work. :) AH Ken!! Congrats on making the softball team! I knew it! You are awesome! To answer you questions: haha this pueblo is called Halachó and its pretty poor. I love it though, because the people are so humble. They dont have a lot and are completely happy with the things that they have. Its very humbling. Its the little things like owning a telephone or having a car or having work. Id say about 80% of the people dont have those things and many more things here and they are content with their lives. :) Im learning so much from these wonderful people. I hope all goes well with the drafting for Riley, that dad and grandpa and your brothers travel to Alaska safely and that all of you are happy, safe and healthy. I LOVE YOU MOM! Im so grateful for my eternal family. I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gatesj


1)Hermana Poroj y Yo!!!
2) Empanadas con papas! 
3) MOM. YOU would love these. They´re little corn dogs that we made for our branch activity. They taste like the ones at Disneyland. 
4) Hermana Patty y Yo! She´s the best! We learned how to make empanadas and corndogs with her. 
5) We got drenched again this week. The weather has been so crazy haha! We are officially in the rainy season! 

Life is Good!

Hey mom!!! 
So good to hear from you! It sounds like this week was a pretty busy one! Its so great to hear that everyone is doing well. I love you guys!  This week was a good one! My companion and I went to Campeche for a zone conference and then we had divisions with our sister training leaders! It was so much fun. Campeche is a dream. :) hermana Juarez and I arrived here in Merida together so it was really fun being able to be her companion for the day. From the time we arrived here we´ve always said that we wanted to be companions. :) We taught a family about the restoration and it went so great! It was funny, before we walked in to start the lesson she told me, "Hermana, we are about to teach 6 children under the age of 12 and they are crazy so we need to make sure we keep them focused on the lesson." It was nothing but a miracle! Especially with teaching the restoration because there are always distractions when teaching about the restoration! All of the children were right beside us listening and learning! They accepted the baptismal invitation and are very excited to keep learning. I hope that all goes well with that cute family and that they will keep progressing in their testimonies. haha and listening to the missionaries!! :)

So with Saul and Marta! We had to postpone their baptism date because of some complications this week. Marta is 7 months pregnant and had tons of pain and so they had to go to the doctor this week! They thought she was going to have her baby but it ended up being a false alarm. We havent been able to see them and teach them so we had to postpone their date. They are so awesome and understanding. and patient ha. Saul is SO excited to one day receive the priesthood so that he can be a rock and bless his family. Please pray for them! We are teaching some little kids right now and we need prayers that their parents will give them permission to be baptized! These children have a deep desire to be baptized but their parents are a little hard to get by sometimes. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!! :)

Its been soo rainy this week! Someone actually told us that there was a hurricane that was going to pass by today or tomorrow but right now the sun is shining and the heat is BACK! HAHA! Hallelujah we dont need to worry about a hurricane! Its been absolutely beautiful here in the pueblo. My companion and I have enjoyed getting drenched by the rain because we rarely get it here! ha. :) I love the pueblo! I love he people! I love the mission! Im so grateful for this time in my life to serve my Heavenly Father! It truly is such a wonderful time. :) I love you guys so much! Never forget it! I hope you have an amazine week! Talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Gates


1) The best guatemalan companion ever! 
2) Its been cloudy and rainy all week long. 😁
3 & 4) Hermana Fischer, Hermana Poroj, Hermana Juarez and I! Divisions in Campeche!! 
5) Bunk bed hammocks! Hahha sleeping in hammocks is so convenient. 

BYU West Coast Champions!

Mama Gates!!!
CONGRATS BYU BASEBALL BOYS!!!! Holy cow that is so exciting that they won!! Im so proud of Riley and his teammates! You will have to let me know where they will be playing next! Sounds like this week was a good one for you guys! Thats so fun you all were able to travel to watch the boys play in California. Im glad you made it home safely. 

This week was a LITTLE crazy. Im sorry for the lame email last week but we were rushing. Hermana Jimenez went home Friday and I got my cute new companion Hermana Poroj!! And guess where she´s from? QUETZALTANGO GUATEMALA! Its so fun because thats where Reg served! So we are always talking about Guatemala and everything. What are some of the areas Reggie served in? Hermana Poroj will be going home the transfer before me. Its been fun working this week with her. She´s super diligent and obedient and we get along great. She is an answer to prayers! We´ve seen lots of miracles in the little time that we´ve been together. 

Our investigators Saul and Marta went on a little trip to Progresso for 2 weeks and so I was really nervous to see how they were doing with reading the Book of Mormon and praying since they´ve been gone. But they´ve been doing great! Saul has been really nervous to get baptized because he is afraid of what his mom will think. We went back last night to visit them and they both accepted a baptism date for the 10th of June! It was a miracle! Saul was so excited and was asking us what type of clothing he can wear and all and what more he can do to be better prepared. It was actually really funny. He was like a little kid opening presents on Christmas morning. :)

We had our district conference this weekend! It was GREAT. Presidente Ruiz, his counselors and their wives spoke and they gave such inspiring talks. They talked on showing love to everyone, Having our family home evenings, and how we can be better members of the church. The talk given by Hermana Ruiz definitely stuck out to me and I want to share a little bit with you guys. She told us that she was going to describe someone and we were going to have to guess who it was. She said that this person wakes up in the morming, prays, gets ready, eats breakfast, reads scriptures and shares the gospel. Who is it? Its every member of the church. This is not only the role of missionaries but the role of every latter day saint. I found a quote from Brigham Young (to celebrate the byu boys baseball team ;)) he said, "If all the talent, tact, wisdom, and refinement of the world had been sent to me with the Book of Mormon, and had declared in the most exalted of earthly eloquence, the truth of it, undertaking to prove it by learning and worldy wisdom, they would have been to me like little smoke which arises only to vanish away. But when I saw a man without eloquence or talents for public speaking, who coud only say, ´I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book Of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord,´ the Holy Ghost proceeding from the indiviual illuminated my understanding and a light, glory, and immortality were before me. I was encircled by them, filled with them, and I knew for myself taht the testimony of the man was true." Our testimonies are so powerful! We have the right to share them with everyone and share the gospel of our Savior. It doesn´t matter if we have a hard time speaking in front of people. A testimony is a testimony. It is what carries us through lifes challenges and what helps people know the truthfullness of our message. I want to challenge you all to really try to share the gospel! Invite someone to church. Read them a scripture that you like. Do something! You guys will be so blessed if you do so. God loves you!!!

I love being a missionary! Im so grateful for the experience in my life! It truly has brought me so much happiness. I love being an instrument in Gods hands. Its an amazing feeling feeling the spirit work through me. I hope you guys know how much I love you!! Im so grateful for your examples, prayers, love and support. I dont know what I´d do without you. I hope you have a fantastic week. :) Talk to you next week!!!
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Hermana Nancy Chi and I did divisions this week! She´s awesome. I love the Familia Chi!! 
2) Hermana Jimenez in the Classic Yucatan Gala dresses. :)
3) The Chi sisters!! 

Short email!

Hola Mama!!!
Ahhh it sounds like you guys are doing SUPER good!!! Its so fun to hear what everyone has been up to and how you guys are all doing!! Thats awesome to hear about how the little league is doing, I cant believe the season is over! Seriously flew by so fast, right? Now, its all´star season! One of the greatest seasons! It will be fun to see what happens this year. :) 

So I dont have a whole lot of time to write right now. We´re in Merida and we have to return to Halachó right now. My companion has been super sick and we found out today that she will be returning home this week. She got her appendix taken out about a month ago and she still has a ton of pain in the same area and so Hermana Ruiz and President Ruiz said that its best to return home a little bit earlier to get everything checked out with her home doctor. Its been a crazy week-day and we dont have a ton of time to write. Im sorry but this email is going to be short! I hope you guys know how much I love you and care about you!! Thanks for all of your love and support. (Oh yeah!! I received your package! I LOVE YOU MOM YOU ARE THE BEST.) Seriously, if there is anything I can do for you let me know!!!! Will you tell everyone that I couldn´t write them because of time? Have the best week ever!!!!!! Be safe. :)

Love, Hermana Gates


2) Picking Ciruela from the trees with the Familia Chi May! These two little girls remind me of Pres and Ken!
3) Ciruelas Rojas son las mejores!
4) Last photo as companions! I´m gonna miss Hermana Lopez!
5) Distrito Calkini! Best zone/district!! 
6) The best treat in all of the pueblo. Fruit, shaved ice, Horchata, leche and vanilla😋
7) Making sombreros and baskets in a cave!
8) Goats in the street!
9) Hermana Jimenez :)