Sunday, June 11, 2017

Softball & Baseball Season off and running!

Hey mom!!
I cant believe how fast this week went by! Seriously time is just cruizing on by! It sounds like everyone is doing super well. :) Im so glad to hear it! That is so sweet Pres is starting varsity! Thats my little sister! Holy cow the softball team is super young. Im super excited for them though! They are going to do awesome. They have amazing coaches so I´ll know they´ll do great. I still cant believe its softball season. I loved last year being able to help coach the freshman team. :) Good times! Thats sweet Ken got to throw the first pitch to Riley at the BYU game. What a lucky little girl. She did that last year too, right? It sounds like Riley is doing great with baseball!!! Im so proud of him and his hard work. Its definitely paying off!  Thats fun Had and Reg will be heading out on a cruise this week! Now you´re gonna have 2 kids in Mexico, mom. ;) 

This week was a good one! Alma, one of our investigadores is doing great! Shes older and has a harder time reading but she´s keeping her commitments! And thats what we ask for! She´s so fun. We are very excited to see her progress. She loves to read the pamphlets that we´ve given her so far and she said that when she comes to know that the things we teach her are true, she will get baptized. We set a date for the 22nd of April! 

Our mission presidente invited us all to start the Book of Mormon over. He told us to read 1 chapter a day and to find the promised blessings. There are tons! God wants the best for his sons and daughters here on earth. He has promised specific blessings to us when we obey his commandments and follow him. We started this challenge last week and I´ve really been able to feel more of the love God has for me than ever before! Its been amazing!! I want you guys to experience this too. :) I want to invite you to start the book of mormon over and read 1 chapter a day, searching for those promised blessings.

One of my favorite things is reading the words of the living prophet and his apostles in the Liahona! I really loved Elder Quentin L. Cooks message. He said, "To begin, I hope you will be grateful for your blessings-- Especially your heritage. Gratitude and humility are closely intertwined. We lie in a self-centered age. Social media can easily be used for self-promocion. It has never been more important to be grateful and humble. Those who possess there attributes express appreciation for their blessings as they follow the saviors example." I LOVE THIS. Because being grateful for the things we have in our lives is KEY to being happy. When we recognize all that we have, we will naturally be a lot happier. It doesn´t matter what others think we have or what we dont have. Its so important to be humble and grateful. Two attributes that I think we can all work on!! Im so grateful for the words from our church leaders to help us through life. :) Im so grateful for this time of the mission to grow and learn. I love being a missionary! Im so grateful for you all. :) Thank you for your support, prayers and love! Im so grateful that you are all doing well. It brings me such comfort that our Heavenly Father is watching over you guys! I hope you have a fantastic week. Talk to you next week!! LOVE YOU!
Con amor, Hermana Gates


1) It arrived!! Thank you!!!
2)  Mireya! (hermana Villalobos aka my mom in the mission) She came back to visit Merida and surprised me at church!! LOVE HER

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