Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mothers Day!

Hey mom!!
ahhhh it was SOOO awesome to see you yesterday! I hope you had the best mothers day ever! You definitely deserve it. I´m so so blessed to have a mother like you. You have been such an awesome support and example to me in my life. I wouldn´t want anyone else. Thank you for all of the love you´ve shown me and for being my best friend. :) I wish we could´ve had more time to talk one on one yesterday, but thats okay! Its so weird thinking that I talked to you guys yesterday hahah. It was fun! Im glad that the whole fam was there. You guys haven´t changed at all! 

I STAY IN HALACHÓ! Im so happy!! My new companion is Hermana Jimenez! She´s awesome! She is from Veracruz and this is her last transfer so we are going to make it the best transfer yet. We have tons of plans and activities for this transfer. I know that we are going to be seeing a lot of miracles this transfer. :) 

This week was GREAT. Seriously flew by so fast! We´ve found some golden investigators who are so wonderful. The majority of them are little kids. I love teaching little kids so its going to be awesome! We had the coolest experience this week. We contacted a home and found 3 little kids outside. a 13 year old, 9 year old and 8 year old. We started talking to them about God and Jesus Christ and they were so interested to know more. We taught them how to pray and how they can pray to God whenever they felt scared or nervous and they absolutely thought it was the coolest thing ever. We made little calendars on sticky notes where they could check off the days they prayed and they were so excited to start. We returned back on Saturday to visit with them and they were ready, waiting for us to come! We started the next lesson with the song "i am a child of God" and as we were singing their little friends and neighbors started swarming around us. We had tons of little kids around us listening and singing and you could feel the spirit sooo strong! It was coolest experience! Towards the end of the lesson, one of the moms came up to us and started talking about how she was so happy that we came and were teaching her daughter about God and told us that she would love to hear about our message! Ahhh! My companion and I were soo happy! We have an appointment with the family this Wednesday so please pray for this family that they may be able to feel the truthfulness of this gospel. :) :) 

We had the best activity this week! Roasted Smores! We literally had a devotional fireside. We invited investigators, members, less actives, pretty much everyone to come and my companion and I gave a lesson on families and service. It was super awesome! After I taught them how to make a smores and we played some games. Everyone had a good time and particpated. It was an awesome spiritual fun activity and we are hoping to do more things like that this next transfer. :) (I love being in a pueblo) 

 Its great to hear that everyone is doing well, happy and healthy. Im so happy about that! Thanks for all that you guys do for me! I love you!! Have a wonderful week!! Be safe. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Feliz dia de Madres!!
2 & 3) One morning this week, my companion went to a recent converts house to help her pull weeds in her land. I love her lot. Its full of trees and reminds me of the sacred grove ha! 
4) eating the best pizza in halacho with the best family! La familia Chi May!
5) my companion is the best! 

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