Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week off from PCs!


How are you doing? It´s so great to hear from you!! Woo hoo! Im glad kens counts were good so you two could leave PC´s earlier last week. I hope her counts are good today so she can go to school this week. Thats crazy its fall break! It feels like Summer here still. hahah... It´s gonna feel like summer my whole mission. :) There´s not a big change in the weather throughout the year. Thats crazy the deer hunt doesn´t run into fall break this year. What are you guys going to do?? haha! Thats so fun you and pres went to her japan party! That is so crazy she will be traveling to Japan! She´s going to have a great experience in a different country! Lucky girl! It sounds like you are all keeping busy and so happy! Im so glad!! 

This past week was an interesting one to say the least haha. First off, my companion broke her tooth so we were in centro a lot trying to find a good dentist. I feel so bad for her because her tooth literally fell out and we dont know what she´s gonna have to do about it. A member referred us to a dentist and so we decided to make an appointment with him. When we arrived his office was in his house! It was super funny/a little bit creepy. But he was super nice and made us feel at home. She wants to wait to see what she needs to do after the baptism this week. :)

Yes! We have a baptism this Wednesday. Keyla is so excited! We will finish teaching her the rest of the lessons today and then she´ll be ready! Her mom is baptized, mom. She was just a less active for awhile. Their family is super great. Always offering to do things for us. So nice! Keyla is so funny. She seriously acts like she´s 20. She´s so proper hahah. Such a sweet spirit!

Ahhh Erick. We are working with him. On Wednesday he went to institute and absolutely loved it! He talked to our bishop and seemed so happy and excited about everything he´d learned. We went to visit him on Thursday and he talked to us about serving a mission and just seemed so open to everything! My companion and I were sooo excited!! but...... We went to visit him again on Friday and we dont know what happened but he was doubting everything. Everything. I dont want to get into the details but we are working with him. He´s 19 and so he´s at an age where he´s trying to figure out what he wants and needs to do right now. He´s great! Just needs some time. :) 

This is the last week of transfers! Ahhhh. This transfer went by so fast! I honestly have no idea if I will stay in Caucel or if I´ll be leaving. We´ll see! I wouldn´t mind leaving so I can experience a different area, but I also wouldn´t mind staying here in Caucel because its close to centro and people here are so great. We´ll see where the Lord needs me to go. :)

Being a missionary is the greatest! Im super happy here. I love this gospel so much! I have learned so much and Im grateful for the opportunity to be able to strengthen and share my testimony with the people here in Mérida. Its a blessing! I love my Savior and I know He lives! I know that he atoned for all of our pains, weaknesses, sickness and sorrow. Because of Him we are able to return back to our Heavenly Fathers presence for eternity. I love you so much and hope everything is going good! Let me know if you need anything! Have a WONDERFUL week. Le quiero MUCHO!!!!

Con amor, Hermana Gates

1) My poor companion hahah
2) At the dentist!
3) Sosette! 

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