Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another week off at Su Casa!

Hey mom!!!

How are you?? SO good to hear from you. :) I agree, this week went by way fast! Im glad you and Ken are able to enjoy home while you can... but darn I hope she can get through her treatments so she can keep progressing! hahahahhahah to answer your question... a pueblo is a small village. There are many pueblos here in Merida! Those pueblos can be a little rough. It depends on the area! Here in Caucel we are super safe. We have doors that lock, bars around our windows and brick walls around our house. Its good! :)

It gave me goosebumps reading about how Ken was able to give her talk in the primary program. Im so proud of her! The Childs Prayer is the perfect song to end with. Those Primary children are pretty special! I always loved hearing their talks during sacrament meeting! 
This week was a gooooood one. On Tueday we had intercambios and so Hermana Balboa came to Caucel and we got to work together while my companion went to Hunucma with a different Hermana. It was fun and I learned a lot from Hermana Balboa. We visited old investigators and set baptismal dates for them! woo hoo!!! 
We had a miracle on Sunday. So all of the investigators we taught this week didn´t show up to church. My companion and I were pretty sad about it because they all committed to coming. So as we were heading to the sacrament room a lady stopped us and said that her 9 year old daughter hadn´t been baptized and she wants us to teach her! WHAT. TENDER MERCY. Her daughter is the sweetest thing! As my companion was talking to the mom, getting all of their information I talked with the little girl for a little bit. I asked her what she liked to do and her response was, "I really like to learn about Jesus Christ." (in spanish haha) SO SWEET. She has the purest heart! We set up an appointment to see her mom today and when we arrived at her house, her aunt was there and said she wants us to teach her too! And maybe her husband! Heavenly Father knows what he´s doing!! The work is going forth here in Caucel! Im so happy!!!

Okay I have some homework for ya´ll. There is a talk given by Elder Bednar in the Liahona, August 2016 called "Accepting the Lords Will and Timing". PLEASE READ. It´s so good! I think we can all relate to the family that he talks about. :) Keep having faith in Him. Keep reading your scriptures. Keep praying. Keep attending the church and temple. Keep doing all that you can to strengthen your relationship with our Heavenly Father. He loves you and wants to bless you!! I hope you have an incredible week. Love you!!! Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1) fresh off the coconut tree!
2) Panuchos! traditional yucatan food!

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