Sunday, January 8, 2017

Preslee's almost off to Japan!

Mama Gates!

Heyyy!!! No things have been great this week! It sure went by really fast! Anddd.. no. I feel fine! I just havent started yet haha

Seriously though this week went by super fast! SO good to hear from you. Yes, we are all moved in and settled into our house. I love it. Our house is lime green hahah. It´s so great! It´s so nice not having our study and planning sessions on the ground haha. To answer your questions: When we travel we take a bus which costs 7 pesos or a taxi which is a lot more expensive. We try to take the bus whenever we need to travel. We actually dont have cars here! Hahah I dont think I´d want to try drive here in Mexico. Im perfectly fine taking the bus and taxi. :) Yes this is my second area! I absolutely loved living with those other sisters for 2 weeks. They were so much fun to be around. Especially since Hermana Peterson was just starting out her mission I was able to help her out with a few things. Their house is pretty big. It has two stories so the other sisters slept on the top floor and my companion and I slept on the bottom. We actually cant go to the mission office whenever we want. But if we need to, its close enough we could walk. Id say like 3 or 4 miles. :)

Thats so exciting the girls had tournaments this weekend! It sounds like they did great! Thats awesome ken got to play! Good luck at basketball tryouts Pres! Holy cow its so weird saying that! It´s crazy it´s already time for basketball! I cant believe she leaves for Japan tomorrow. How long will she be there? It´s so crazy thinking she´ll be in a different country haha! Our time changed last week! Here´s a funny story... I dont know if I told you last week but our mission leader told us that the time would change three weeks ago so we arrived to church late our first Sunday in Dolores Otero. hahaha. It was so embarrassing! We were so confused when we showed up to the church, because we thought we arrived 30 minutes early.... but nope! ha! 

Good luck with next phase K-dog! I know she´s going to keep fighting hard just like she has been these 6 months! Thats so cool Riley will be able to see Rylee! Thats crazy that they have games out of the country! That will be an awesome experience!

We had a "first" lesson the other day with one of our investigators, Saul and we were talking about Jesus Christ and baptism. A little bit about Saul. He´s 70 years old and is seriousy the nicest man! He´s the greatest because he keeps EVERY promise! He´s been super diligent at reading the book of Mormon and praying. The other day we were talking about baptism and right before I asked him "the baptism question" he asked, "So when can I get baptized??" HA! It was awesome! He has a date for the 3rd of December. We are so excited to keep teaching him. :)
Yulisa is doing great! Her baptism was going to be this week but there´s stake conferences going on so we postponed her baptism for the 26th! She´s doing great! Her mom and sister have been a great help in preparing her as well. She´s been completing her goals in her personal progress and keeping her commitments. It´s been so fun teaching her!

Im doing so great here! It´s been awesome serving here in Dolores Otero! I LOVE this gospel! It´s honestly a privilege to share the gospel. I challenge you all to share the gospel with your friends and family this week! Whether its on social media or a text message or phone call or visit. I dont know! Just share it! We are all brothers and sisters and need to help each other make these special covenants with our Heavenly Father. :) I hope you have a wonderful week! Please be safe and choose the right! Love you sooo much!!!!
Love, Hermana Gates


2) Dana and Paola!
3) family home evening with Familia Ceh Cetz! We love their hammock!
4) This is Pibe! Its one of the traditional foods they eat here in the Yucatan! The people eat it here during dia de los muertos! Its sooo good!
5) First dog i´ve held since being on the mission. hahahah Jazzy is a lot more fun to hold.

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