Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trump for President!

Hola Mama y familia!!

How is everyone doing?? Sounds like this week went super well for you guys!! hahaha seriously everyone has been talking about Donald Trump here. I honestly dont know anything about him and everyone is asking me what I think about it and all. Hahah it´s been awhile since I´ve been in the US. I dont know much of what is going on! Congrats Pres on making the basketball team! That is super exciting! Thats crazy she´s been in Japan all week! I bet it was an awesome experience. :) Ken, keep kicking the cancer out! You are doing so awesome, im so proud of you. Sounds like this week is going to be a crazy one of traveling back and forth so be careful! :) The Christmas tree!!!! It looks so great! Ah this is seriously the best time of year! My companion and I want to buy a little Christmas tree for our house hahah. Do you think its going to snow this year? Mom you´re the best! Thanks for sending the package. Ill be on the look out. :)

 This week was a good one! We had Ocho Principios. We had reunions on Thursday and Friday with all of the missionaries here in Merida. It was so much fun seeing everyone. We had TONS of practices and it was so great. There´s always something new to learn. President and Hermana Ruiz were there as well. They seriously are the best! They make us feel like we are their children. So great! 
After one of the reunions my companion and I had an appointment with a new investigator. So we went to her house and the only person home was her mom! So of course we started talking to her mom about the gospel and she let us in the house. She started talking to us about her husband and how he passed away 10 years ago and how she doesn´t think she´ll ever see him again. *Perfect missionary opportunity*. We were able to teach her about the plan of salvation and I have never felt the spirit so strong. She accepted the baptism invitation and wants to know more and everything! Seriously the lesson was AMAZING. I love being a missionary and having the spirit teach! My companion and I are just the mouths here in Dolores Otero. The spirit took over and ahh it was the greatest experience. 

Saul and Yulisa are doing great! Yulisas baptism is the 25th of November! She´s 15 years old. Saul´s baptism is going to be the week after. We have another investigator Marsela who is preparing to be baptised on the 17th of December! These investigatores are GOLDEN! My companion and I are so blessed to have the opportunity to help these children of God enter the waters of baptism. :) Things are going so great here!! Im loving the mission! Thank you for all that you do for me. Seriously I have been blessed with the greatest family ever!!! I love you guys and hope you have a WONDERFUL week. Be safe and choose the right!! :)

Love, Hermana Gates


1) 5 out of the 7 american sister missionaries hahah. :)

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