Sunday, January 8, 2017

Deer Hunt 2016!

Hey mom!!!

So great to hear from you! Sounds like things are going great back at home! Yaya! Thats awesome Ken doesnt need to have another Interm maintenance phase. Music to my ears! I bet you are all very happy about that. This next phase of treatment sounds a lot better than the others she`s had. Thats nice she`ll have quick in and out appointments once a week now. You`ll have more time to spend at home which will be so nice. :) She`s a trooper! Im so proud of her! She`s seriously kicking out the cancer out of her little body. 

And yes! We can get letters here. I think they sent off their letters the first part of September so it takes about a month.. but yeah it was awesome getting a letter from Troy and Stef. I really appreciated it!

This week has been such a great week. Seriously. So crazy but oh so good. First off, I love my companion Hermana Gonzalez! She`s an angel! She`s from Baja, California south. Yep we`ve already planned a trip to her territory after the mission. ;) We are still in Dolores Otero houseless haha. It`s been a fun week though. Last Monday we were told that we`d have to sleep in a different area with other sisters, Hermana Poroj and Hermana Peterson. So we packed our suitcases and headed over to Vincint Solis. (That was an adventure with the taxi driver hahah) This week has been a week of learning the area, searching for a house to rent, and finding more people who need the gospel! It`s been a very humbling week. I`ve learned a lot. We are the first sister missionaries in Dolores Otero in 10 years! WOW. I dont know why it`s been this long to have sisters in the area but we both feel very privileged to keep the work going here. Im so happy here!!

I absolutely love the ward members. It`s been so much fun getting to know each of them. The ward is a little small but we are here to make it grow. :) The little kids in the ward are so funny.. Especially the little girls.. They always run up to me and my companion and tackle us with hugs and kisses. So funny. We get along with them great. Oh yeah! Before I forget.. the secretary in our ward served in the Las Vegas, Nevada mission. He served in Mesquite for 6 months! He said that Mesquite was his favorite area! HAHA. I couldn`t really believe it but yeah! It was fun talking to someone who knows what it`s like back at home. We dont have a bishop in the ward so the stake president comes to our ward and ward councils. So thats a little different for me but its awesome!

I love being a missionary!! It`s seriously the greatest experience ever. I love meeting new people and talking to them about the gospel. Its so much fun. This week we are gonna keep searching for a house and investigators! It`s gonna be a great week, I know it. :) Thanks for all of the prayers and support. I love you so much! Im so grateful for your example. Have a wonderful week! Be safe! Let me know if you need anything!
Love, Hermana Gates

1) Hermana Gonzalez and I!
2) Baseball stadium! First baseball stadium I`ve seen since I left home! I got super excited hahaha. I guess thats what happens when you`re born into a family of baseball lovers!
3) Hermana Peterson! She just arrived in the mission field last week. Shes from South Jordan! 

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