Sunday, January 8, 2017

Life back home!!


How are you doing?? This week went by fast. I know I say that a lot but seriously I feel like I was just writing home! Yeah, the baptisms went great! We were pretty happy for those teenagers. Their whole entire family are members.. (were less actives).. but they´re coming to church now so its so good. Seriously mom my companion and I talk about it all the time.. we have seen a BIG change in these kids. It´s pretty amazing!! Yesterday, Alejandro received the priesthood! And he is planning on serving a mission! And the girls are starting their personal progress and are loving it. It´s so great. :) And yes, I will be in Caucel for another 6 weeks. Which im soooo okay with. I love it here! I love the members and the people. Maybe its because Im a little scared to be in pueblo from all the stories I hear... but I truly love Caucel City! 

Ahh sounds like this week was a little rough for Ken. She´s definitely gonna have her hard days. Just keep reminding her that she can overcome this. I know she´s a fighter! Thats so funny you have the "nurse bait". I bet the nurses look forward to that haha! Awee those pictures of Ken and Mia are cute! I bet she was so excited! Reading the Book of Mormon is a great idea mom! Seriously with all the time you have at the hospital, no doubt you´ll finish by January. The Book of Mormon is the greatet book ever. 

I hope Ken will have the energy to do her part in the program! I love the scripture! I forgot I shared it with her haha. She has such a strong testimony that should be shared with everyone. WOW. I had no idea Devin, Jake and Hailey and their spouses were expecting! How exciting! Thats so fun! Reggie and Had need to wait a few more months... ;) Tell them congrats for me! Thats so cool Terri, Robbin and Kent saw Maddie and Syd! I´ve emailed Syd a few times and it sounds like she´s doing great. I hope Maddie is doing good!

This week was a good one! Since my companion and I ended our last transfer with our baptisms we started this new transfer with zeros ha... BUT this week, we found some great people to teach! We are so excited. We have an investigator who is SO interested in the church. He asks SOOO many questions. It´s great! And yesterday he went to church with us and loved it. Im so grateful for the ward members because they all welcomed him in and were so sweet. We have another investigator with a baptismal date so we will be working towards that. Our goal is to find a family! I know we can do it!! Lots of work, fast and prayer. :) I hope you have a great week! Always remember that we have a Heavenly Father who loves each and everyone of us. He has so many blessings he wants to pour upon us, we just need to be faithful to him. Love you!!! Talk to you next week. 
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Alejandro received the priesthood!

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