Sunday, January 8, 2017


So good to hear from you! Im doing so great! This week seriously flew by, I cant believe it. I love this time of year! I dont think I can say it enough hahah. I love Christmas and all of the feelings and thoughts it brings. Its something so so special! This week we went out with our ward Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and sang Christmas hymns to the less actives and members in our ward. It was so awesome. My companion and I took our little portable DVD player and gave a short little message about Christ and Christmas and showed the Light the World video. You could feel the spirit so strong. We visited an older lady in our ward who doesn´t have the best health right now and she just started crying when we sang to her. Mom.. These experiences priceless. These people are so special to me. I love being a missionary! 

Our investigator Marcela is doing so great. We are seeing a complete change in her and it something incredible! Her baptism is going to be on the 24th of December. She is so excited! She´s keeping her commitments, going to church on her own and just really showing our Heavenly Father that she wants to follow him and obey him. The 24th of December will be a very special day for her! We are in the process of finding more investigators right now! The elect are out there, we just have to find them. :)

We got a call from a ward mission leader in a different ward (our neighboring area.. they dont have missionaries) and he said that there is a family who aren´t members who have been attending church and want the lessons!! MIRACLE. TENDER MERCY. The Lord works in mysterious ways!! We got permission from President and we are going to start teaching this family! This is funny though... It just so happens that the ward mission leader in this ward served his mission with Reggie! Elder Tegero! Does Reg remember him? He said to tell reggie hi haha! Seriously such a small world. 

So Manuel is just a member in our ward. But he´s so great! Haha very hilarious! He´s the ward mission leader who all the missionaries know because he puts so much of his time into the Lords work. He´s always accompanying us on our visits. I cant believe I´m going to be skyping you guys soon hahaha. Its sooo weird! Okay Im gonna talk to my companion to see what time she can skype her family. Thank you for the account information, I will be sure to write it down! Umm... nah I just want our family and grandparents.. if Madie wants to come by she can too.. but yeah! I just want to see you guys!! 

Thats so fun you and dad got to go to the NFR! I love that you two do that every year. I was actually wondering if you were going to be able to go this year or not.. so im glad you got to go! Thats fun Had and Reg went down with you two, too! The Christmas tree Kennadi´s class made her is so cute! Her little class is the best! I bet she misses not going to school right now, but its for the best! She needs to stay healthy! Im so glad you guys are continuing to shine your "light" this holiday season! I love the iniciative this season! Its so fun to tell others about it and show them the video. I hope that you are all doing well! Thank you for all the love and support. I love my savior and I know He lives. He is the reason for the season! :) Have a good safe week! Talk to you next week! Love you!!!!
Love, Hermana Gates 

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