Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trip to the ER!

Hey mom!!

First off!! MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!! Holy cow, I cant believe its almost Christmas! This year went by soooo fast. I remember waiting for my mission call about a year ago.. so crazy! And now Im here in Merida! It´s going to be awesome talking to you guys this Sunday. It will be around 4 my time! So I think it will be 3 at home. :) If there are any complications, have your email ready.. We´ll have to test it out when I call on Christmas. To answer your questions: when we had our meeting with Hermano Tegero he said he served in Quetzaltango, Guatemala and that he served with an Elder Gates! And then he said I look exactly like him hahahha... I know hahahha. BUT yeah, crazy huh?? Thank you for the Christmas packages!! So far its going so great! Im so grateful for you guys! Seriously I´ve been blessed with the best family ever! Thank you thank you thank you! Please tell the grandparents thank you too! 

Haha I didn´t like the subject caption! How is everyone doing?? Oh man I hope ken is doing better and that everything is okay. She´s in my prayers! Are you guys still in hospital? Thats so nice that those kids got to sing to her. What a special experience for you all! She´s never going to forget about that. 

This week was a good one! Seriously went by so fast. Im trying to enjoy every day here, especially during this Christmas because its the most special time of year!! On Tuesday, our zone met up at a park in Viciente Solis and we sang christmas songs! We gave out book of Mormons and shared the #iluminaelmundo video with the people in the park. It was so special! It was snowing (raining) so it really felt like Christmas. ;) It was awesome! We had members join us too which was so great. 

This week my companion and I have been trying really hard to find new people to teach.. it´s frustrating when no one will listen to you, but we DEFINITELY are not going to give up! There is so much so work to do here in Dolores Otero. We know we´re going to find those who are ready for the gospel. We keep reminding ourselves that this is all in the time of the Lord. He knows what he´s doing! We just need to keep talking to as many people as we can. :)

A friend asked me what I would give to my savior this Christmas. Made me think of He is the Gift video. I thought of all of the gifts that I have recieved because of the Savior and I just cant help but feel soo much gratitude to my Heavenly Father and my Savior. They have given me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences in my life. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, the gospel and I have the opportunity to serve a mission right now. Really, these things are the most important to me! I think the perfect gift I could give the savior this Christmas is to share his gospel with all of my heart, might and mind. There are so many people in the world that know nothing about their Savior. They don´t know that they are beloved Sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father! This message of the restoration brings me the peace that I need to be happy here on earth! What would you give to Christ this Christmas? I challenge you all to think about what you would give to the savior this Christmas. :) I lovvvvveee you alll sooooo much!! Im so excited to see you on Sunday!!! It´s going to be so wonderful! (We´ll only have 30 minutes :() but I love you!!! Have a wonderful week and talk to you sunday. :) :)

Love, Hermana Gates


1 & 2) Helping Abuelitos Sosa put up their Christmas decorations!
3) Zona Merida! Singing in the park!!!
4)hahah my companion hahah
5) Hermana Peterson! 
6) I bought my first food off the street this day. I was a little nervous but then thought! I just need to do it! Im living in Mexico right now! It was corn with cream and chile.. like off of nacho libre hahahah.
7) Abuelos Sosa! They are the parents of Felipe! The guy that called you guys. :)
8) This is our Christmas Tree this year hahah

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