Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hola mom and family!!!

Como le va su semana?? I hope it was a good one! Sounds like everything at home is going good. :) WOO HOO! I´m so glad Kens counts were good so she can start her other round of treatments! Drive safe up to Salt Lake! Does the HHN take her counts every Saturday? Thats awesome that Riley got to come for a couple of days to watch conference with you all. It was weird not watching it with you guys but it was super awesome being here as a missionary and watching it. Wasn´t conference the GREATEST?? Seriously we are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. I know they receive direct revelation from God to help all of us on earth. What talks did you especially like??

This week was a good one! Filled with general conference and little tender mercies. My companion and I are teaching a teenager named Erick right now. He is Christian and knows the bible from cover to cover haha. Its been a super awesome experience teaching him. Every question he has we´ve been able to answer and he´s truly been able to understand that the Church of Jesus Christ is the ONLY true church on the earth and has everything we need to return back to live with our Father in Heaven. Last week we were passing his store when he came out to us and said that he knows and feels that this is the true church. Now that is music to missionaries ears! We were so excited! It seriously was a huge tender mercy. We are working on a baptism date for him right now. :)

Keyla (our little investigator) is awesome! Her baptism will be held next week! She is so excited :) Teaching little ones is so much fun. They have the purest hearts. Sometimes it´s a little hard to keep her attention on the lesson but I´m learning patience hahaha. It´s fun because her mom is a less active and so we are working with her too. Last night we visited them for a little bit and she said that she loves it when my companion and I go to her house because we make her feel better and she feels more content with all the things that she´s going through right now. It made us feel really good to hear her say that. Seriously such a sweet family! 

We worked with our new recent converts on their personal progress this week too! Now that was super fun!! Having the opportunity to work on Personal Progress is such a privilage. It was so fun to see the excitment in Sandras, Alejandras and Mariana´s eyes when we were reading the scriptures and talks and thinking of projects they could do for their values. Personal Progress is the best! 

Conference. WOW. So good!! Hermana Frehner, Hermana Johnson and I watched it in english this weekend and it was so great. It was awesome to hear the inspiring word of our prophet, apostles and leaders. I know they were inspired to say what they said. I really loved the talk given by Elder Nelson. I loved how he said that saints can be happy in every circumstance. It has everything to do on the focus on our lives. We should always focus on Jesus Christ because He is joy! "Joy comes from and because of Him". Every day that we follow Christ we can experience true joy. We can just be happier people! I also really loved the second session of conference. I feel like it really pertained to missionary work. :) 

Missionary life is going great here in Caucel! Im so grateful to have this opportunity to represent my Savior and teach His gospel. I love you all so much!!! I hope you have a great week! :)

Love, Hermana Gates


1) Karina made us "Gorditas"
2) Mariana, Alejandra and Sandra!
3) Alejandra and I!
4) Our recent converts named this cat "Wilson Romero Gates" hahahahah

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