Sunday, January 8, 2017

Preslee's Birthday!!

 Hey mom!!!

First off, Happy Halloween!!! Totally forgot it was Halloween until someone told me today! Do you have any fun plans for today? How is everyone doing?? To answer your question... Dolores Otero is probably like 45 minutes away from Caucel. Our area actually covers a little bit of centro. Its super nice because we are so close to the mission office. :) We´ve traveled to centro every single day the past two weeks because we´ve had to travel from our area to another to sleep at the others sisters house in Vincint Solis. BUT guess what?? We finally found a house here in Dolores Otero!!! Its been the craziest experience trying to find a house to rent here. On Thursday the assistants called us saying that we only had 3 days to find a house so we had to drop a lot (not all) of our appointments to search our area. We set out for the search and found the perfect house! We actually moved all of our things into the house this morning. We still need to unpack everything, but we´re going to do that later haha. Its been a crazy morning. Good but crazy. :)

HOLY COW. Reg got the big buck! Im impressed! He needs it to cover up his little buck. ;) Thats so fun that you guys got to go back out to search. I can imagine its starting to get chillier in good ol St. George! Happy Birthday Pres!!! Sounds like she had a great birthday. I cant believe she´s 15! Does she have her permit yet? Ahhhh thats so crazy she´s gonna be driving soon!! ahhh Im so glad everything is going well with everyone. It´s so fun to hear what everyone is up to these days.
Its been so much fun getting to know more of the members in our ward. My companion and I are learning the area together and having a lot of fun. We´re teaching a 15 year old named Yulisa right now. Her baptism is November 12th, so we are in the process of preparing her for that day. She is awesome! Her mom and sister are recent coverts and have been so helpful. We helped Yulisa start her personal progress and now everytime we see her she´s completed a goal! She´s super excited for her baptism. We are also teaching a couple! Their names are Porfirio and Juanita. They are amazing! So sweet. Seriously have the most tender hearts. We are preparing them for baptism on the 26th of November. Its been such a great experience being here in Dolores Otero. Things are definitely going to be a lot peaceful now that we have a house and we wont have to leave our area everyday. :)

Things are going great! Living and loving the mission. Seriously the mission is the best decision I´ve made. I have learned SO many things I know I probably wouldn´t have learned at home. There´s nothing more perfect than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel brings true happiness and joy. It´s a privilege to share the gospel with the people here in Merida. I love being a missionary!! Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. I love you and hope you have a FANTASTIC week!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Love, Hermana Gates

1) Hermana Gonzalez! hahah we couldn´t help but take a picture by this wall!
2) Me by the same wall (;
3) Familia Ceh Cetz! They are so fun! Recent converts!

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