Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hola Mom!!

    How was your week?? I hope it was a good one! This week FLEW by! I feel like I say that every week, but it´s so true haha! The pictures from the Swiss Days 5K were so great! Thank you for sending them. How was Swiss Days this year? Was there a good turn out? Swiss Days is always something to look forward to. :)

    Oh man, as much as it makes me happy that Ken can go to school I want her to have good counts to be able to keep getting her treatments. Maybe taking this week off of school is a good idea. Especially now that it´s starting to get colder and more kids getting sick, it´s better for her to stay home so she doesn´t catch anything. Im glad she´s not getting behind too much in school! Just remember this trial will test a lot of yours, Kennadi´s and our family patience. We want her to be completely healed so bad but it will take a lot more than having faith for her to be healed. It´s going to take a lot of patience, prayer and fast. "Whatever it takes"!!! There´s not a doubt in my mind that soon she will be able to go hang out with friends and play sports and do what all the other kids her age are doing. It´s only going to take time. And that time is up to our Heavenly Father. Keep patience!! :)

   The woman´s conference was the best. Simply the best. We watched it at the stake center! There´s another American Sister serving in my stake and so we found a computer and found a room in the church and watched it in English haha. It was so fun! For general conference we will watch the Saturday sessions at the stake center and the Sunday sessions at our church. Most people dont have internet or television so they cant watch conference in their homes. WE ARE SO BLESSED! Something that really stuck out to me was how it important it is for our generation to KNOW the doctrine of Christ. we live in a time where people say it´s okay to go against the laws of God, but its not. Its so important for all of us to truly stay true to the principles and stand up for what we believe in. Thats something I´ve come to realize out here in the mission. I´ve been in situations where people will confess something to me and my companion and naturally it would be something that I´d shrug off because I wouldn´t want to offend them. BUT thats when we need to be respectful and share our testimonies and bear truth. Because that is something God would want. He wants us know these doctrines and principles how he created them. Also, President Uchtdorfs talk was so great too! It makes me want to expound my faith so I can be a better missionary! There´s ALWAYS room for improvement! 

   Our lessons with our little investigator and her aunt and uncle are going great! We taught them about the restoration the other day and they loved it. Our ward had a "noche de Mexicano" on Friday night and they came and played games with the ward members and everything. It was so fun seeing how excited and happy they were to participate with the members! We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach them. Yesterday, our recent convert Yasmin was confirmed!! YAY! She hasn´t been able to make it to church since her baptism with her work situation, but yesterday she was able to make it to church so we were stoked. 

     With General Conference coming up this weekend I challenge you to write down questions you have about whatever things you have questions about haha! And listen with the spirit to the words of the prophet, apostles and our leaders. I promise you they will answer your questions in some way or another! Presidente Ruiz challenged us to do the same thing, and I want to extend this challenge to my favorite people! I hope you all enjoy your week this week! Enjoy your time being together and watching conference! It´s the best time of year(minus Christmas ;)) I love you so much!!! I hope you have a great week!! Talk to you next week. :) If you need anything let me know!!

Love, Hermana Gates

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