Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hey Mama!!!

So good to hear from you! So to answer your questions! 1) We have tables and two chairs for studying and whatnot. We also use those for breakfast. 2) Ummm I mean our bathroom is a lot nicer than some that are here in Merida. Its really small but Its a bathroom so im grateful! Our Kitchen is nice. We only have a microwave, fridge and little portable stove. 3) For breakfast we just have cereal and fruit! There´s not a whole lot of time to cook anything. Im loving froot loops hahah. 4) So for food. We eat after we exercise in the morning which is between 7-8. At 2 we eat with members and thats pretty much it hahah. When we get home for planning at 9 Ill have some fruit. But thats all as far as food goes. Pretty simple!

Yeah, I met up with Elder Tingy. Hopefully I signed everything correctly! My talk during the zone conference went really well! I was definitely the newby! I wasn´t very scared. Presidente came up to me after saying I speak like an apostle hahaha. I might have been too direct with my thoughts hahaha. Yeah it was all in spanish. I saw Hermana Wolfgramm at the conference which was sooo nice. I love her!! She is seriously the best and shes doing so great in her area! Im so happy for her.

The mosquitos are the worst! Ill send you a picture of my legs. They are covered with mosquito bites! My companion said that its only bad with the rainy season. So when it gets even hotter there will be less mosquitos hahah. Yes.. Its gonna get a whole lot hotter! I haven´t heard anything about the package yet.. so hopefully it gets here soon! 

Every new person I meet here asks if im related to Bill Gates. HAHA. NOPE!! I tell them he´s my uncle... Our investigators are seriously the best! They are so much fun! I love having lessons with them because they are all super interested in what we are teaching them and are liking it a lot. Theres no better than feeling than helping them learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Its fun to see the change in their lives! I love them all a lot.

People stare at me here all the time. Im the only blonder hair blue eyed girl and it sometimes makes me feel a little uncomfortable hahahah. And whenever we have a lesson we ask the investigator who they would like to say the prayer and they always choose me... I think they want to see if I can actually speak their language. ha. ha. ha. JK

I LOVE MERIDA SO MUCH!! Im meeting so many incredible people and they are seriously the best. I love sharing what I know to be true. This gospel has shaped me into the person I am today. Without.. I dont know where I´d be! Its brought me so much happiness and joy, peace and comfort. Im so crazy blessed. Well I love you and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for everything Mom!!!!

Love, Hermana Gates


1) my favorite thing that ive eaten here so far.. the sushi.. get this. the sushi restraunt is called "wasabi"
2) the sunsets are the best!

3) I hate mosquitos. ahhhh. 

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