Monday, July 11, 2016

All-Stars Week!


Wow, sounds like a lot is going on at home!! So glad you are all doing good! This week flew by! First off.... KENNADI. Happy Birthday on the 13th!! I love you so much and I hope you have a great birthday!! I LOVED the pictures you sent me! The family pictures with you all wearing the tshirts are soo cute. I showed my companion and she loved them. Thanks for sending me those! Ahhh Hunucma. Hahaha... so I like being in Caucel where theres no trees. Because when there´s no trees there´s no mosquitos. Ya know what I mean? haha. It was a really great experience traveling to the pueblo and teaching with a different companion because I learned a lot! I´m so grateful! When we got there it started to pour so the rain washed off my repellent and I got eated alive by mosquitos. It wasn´t very fun.. ahh. But now they dont itch so im good! At times I feel like im in Lake Powell! haha. Question: When is the gates family going to Lake Powell? Meghan Brindley has not found me yet. I´ve actually been in Centro every day this week for meetings and I check the offices each time to see if any packages have arrived and I haven´t recieved anything yet.. So i dont know.. How long will she be in Merida? Do you know what areas she will be in? We are about 30 minutes away from the mission office. Yeah the mission office is right in Centro. And no, no sign of the package you sent me 3 weeks ago.

Okay So I talked to Elder Tingy and he said that this notary signature was for you to take over my account? Why dont I just give you my password to my account and you can access the MACU account on your iphone and transfer my money from that? It would be so much easier I feel like. So I can still own it and we wont have to go through this process haha. Tell Lonne and Nancy thank you for the money!! That is so nice of them!

Hermana Terry has been serving for 6 1/2 months, I believe. 

I dont really get all of the counts that you talk about with Kennadi but it sounds like they are good!! Im glad!! I hope and pray that she continues to get better. That is seriously so awesome that she got to play softball. Im sooo happy! She is such a fighter and the strongest girl I know, thats for sure. We live in the best place in the world. The community is seriously so amazing. We are all just one big happy family!

So this week we had meetings on Thursday and Friday in Brisas. This meeting was about the 8 principles and we did TONS of practices.. hmm. my favorite... hahahaha not... BUT I learned so much from the other missionaries and presidente! Im so grateful for each one of them. We were out of our areas all those two days so we didn´t get to teach people in Caucel which I was really bummed about. I dont like meetings that much. I just want to work hahah.. Esta bien though! 

Before I forget... MOM. So the other day my companion brought up POPs in Costa Rica!! Remember Pops?? The ice cream shops? Ahh man I told her when I travel to Costa Rica after the mission we are going to pops hahah.

With the lessons we did have this week, they went really great! We taught one of our progressing investigators about the Plan of Salvation and it was so great! She understood everything and is so interested in the gospel, it´s amazing. Ahhh. Seriously the moments we have with our investigators where the spirit is so strong are seriously the best. I cant help but feel comforted knowing that im supposed to be here right now in Merida. I LOVE THIS WORK. Its hard. but its oh so good. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all that you do for me!! Talk to you next week. :)
Love, Hermana Gates


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