Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July! I totally forgot it was the 4th of July today. I guess that's what happens when you´re in a different country! When I got to the mission office today, one of the Elders was wearing an american flag tie and that's when I remembered haha. I hope you´re having a good forth! Caucel is nice area. Nicer than most. Its actually the hottest area in the mission becuase there are NO TREES. haha. Esta bien! Tomorrow I go on an exchange to a place called Hunucma. Is filled with trees so I'm excited haha. YAY finally shade. The members here make fun of me because I'm burnt. Dont worry I use sunscreen! So when we were in centro I saw tons of bus´ like the ones we rode in in Costa Rica and I thought of Meghan Brindley. I was looking for her but I didnt see her. Hopefully she finds the Mission office and drops it off there. And no sign of the package yet... Hopefully it makes it!! Thank you for sending all of those things to me! You're the best. And I havent heard anything about the pants for the sisters.. I dont know if I'd like them... I wouldn't really feel like a missionary, ya know? So we´ll see what president says! That's so fun that you guys will be spending the forth up north! I'm sure you guys will make many memories!!! It sounds like everyone is doing good! How are you doing with everything?? I continue to pray for you and each person in our family every day!! 

Life in the mission field is great! On Wednesday we met the new mission president of Merida! It was sad to say goodbye to Presidente Garcia and Hermana Garcia but I'm excited for these new ones. They are so nice! Presidente Ruiz has been the translator for the apostles and prophets whenever they come to Mexico so thats cool! He's super awesome and so is his wife! 

I met a sister missionary here is also from St. George!! Ahh tender mercy! Her name is Katelyn Terry. She is cousins to Ivy Wittwer & Kyleigh Wittwer so thats super cool! She´s way nice. 

Past couple days I've slept on the tile floor because it gets so hot here and the hammock has been super uncomfortable lately. Its fun hahaha. So listen... the other day my comp and I were walking in the streets and I heard that one whistling song by the Scorpions!! haha made me think of you guys and uncle Todd! Everytime we hear songs that we know we plug our ears because it is so tempting to sing to them haha. So funny though!

On Saturday my comp and I went to clean the church with the bishop and members. As we were finishing up cleaning there was this lady who walked in and wanted to talk to us! You could tell she was stressed out and overwhelmed so we sat her down and listened to her and told her about the gospel! It was so awesome! It was amazing to bear her my testimony of the atonement. She is golden. We are going to continue to teach her. The Lord truly does send people our way when we are keeping his commandments and staying diligent everyday!! 

Ahhhhh.. you have no idea how much I love this gospel. I LOVE IT. I have blisters all of my feet, mosquito bites all over my legs, sun burned head to toe but I am SO HAPPY!  I truly believe that is because I have the opportunity to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. There´s no better calling for me right now! Seriously I love you so much mom!!! Thank you for everything you do for me and the family. You are so strong. I hope you have a safe 4th of July. It can be kind of crazy in Park city! haha.... Have a great week!!

Love, Hermana Gates


1) This is Hermana Terry. She is from St. George!
2) Jesus (member) me and my companion!
3) Mayan book of mormon!! Im learning some mayan here so that's cool!
4) Streets of centro!! Merida is seriously SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! 
6)......and I officially completed 2 months. WHAT?!!! Time is flying.

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