Sunday, February 12, 2017

9 months and counting!


Hey how are you?? Sounds like this week was a good one!! Holy cow, Ken hits her 9 month mark! Thats pretty crazy. She`s such a strong little girl. :) Im proud of her for how far she`s come. She`s had lots of ups and downs and has still kept a smile on her face. She is such a good strong example to all of us!! Thats awesome she will be getting her port taken out this week! Im so excited for her. Now she will be able to play sports without worrying if its going to get hit.. haha reminds me when I got hit in the wrist after doctor slade told me my wrist was healed... ha PLEASE be careful still!!! That will be nice not traveling up to PC`s as much. yay Kennadi!! Hermana Rawle and Hermana Baez are still in our home. ha I dont know if they will find a house in their area! I love having them over though. They are in a different area so they are traveling every day to work. We will be receiving two other hermanas tonight because they have to fly to Mexico City for immigration. So they will just be sleeping over and then leaving bright and early in the morning. Our house is the mission hotel haha! 

This week was great! My companion and I experienced lots of miracles. I love being a missionary and seeing the hand of the Lord in the lives of our investigators. It`s seriously an honor to be out here representing my Savior. First off my companion and I were sick.. but we are feeling better! We think its because we`ve been showering in cold water with buckets because we dont have any water in our house hahaha. But we`re feeling better! 

Our investigators are doing great! We are teaching them and they are progressing. It`s been awesome! Johana, Amin(Johanas son) and Annie are doing great. We are still searching for more investigators but we know this is the time of the Lord not our time! And we`ve accepted that. :) We are super content for where we are at with everything. 

We had stake conference this weekend and it was sooo great! Seriously! Elder Ruiz of the seventy came and spoke to us and it was so awesome. He was like the spanish version of Elder Holland. Super energetic and direct! I loved it! He talked a lot about the family and 4 things we can do to strengthen our family relationships. 1) Family Home Evenings. 2) Pray together everyday. 3) Read the scriptures together everyday. and... 4) Always give a hug and say I love you. I LOVED THESE POINTS. We should be doing these things every single day! Because when we are doing these things, we aren`t only strengthening our relationships together but also with our Heavenly Father! Seriously I love the gospell. It`s perfect! The teaching of Christ only lead to true love, true happiness and true joy. I want to challenge you guys to do these things everyday! You will be so much happier. :) 

Funny-sad-happy story: So last night my companion and I were on our way to visit the Familia Ceh Cetz and we passed 3 little girls in the street who were holding the CUTEST puppy lab. (looked like Powder) hahah they definitely saw my face when I saw the puppy because they  came right up to us asked us if we wanted to have the puppy! They were giving her away because their parents couldnt afford to keep her. We cant have pets but my companion and I immediatly called a member in our ward to see if she wanted a puppy and she did! We named her GiGi (Gates and Gonzalez) hahaha.. It was so awesome! I love random missionary moments. This week was a great one! Things are going good and Im super happy! I cant believe I`ll be hitting my half way mark this week. The time is seriously flying by. I hope you are all doing well and are happy. Thank you for the email! Have a fun, safe week! Talk to you next week!! Love you!!!! :)
Love, Hermana Gates


1) Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Gates and GiGi :) ha!
2) Hermana Gates holding GiGi!
3) We ate baby shark!! This meal is called, "pan de cazon" It was actually really good.. hahah
4) Hermana Glendy! She is the president in the Relief Society. We did divisions and so we worked together! It was super fun. :)
5) Hermano Raul! We love it when the members work with us!! 
6) Perritos con camisas! Haha I love Mexico! 

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