Monday, August 1, 2016

Western Regional 12U CHAMPIONS!!!

Hey mom!!!!

So good to hear from you this week! Things are seriously so great! I love my new companion. We get along so well and she teaches me something new everyday. We have had a lot of success this week. Yes, Im still living in my purple house hahah. It´s great, I love it. Yeah... never again will I be able to eat cow stomach... ayyy....

WOW!! That is seriously so cool that the 12U team won! Im so happy for all of them! Hard work pays off and those girls definitely took it to them. That´s fun you guys go to go down to San Bernadino again. Thats sweet that Ken got to recite the little league pledge. Im so happy that girl is getting taken care of. She has many prayers coming her way from Mexico!! I remember last year hahaha. Im glad they got those seats up with their names on them! I bet it was cool for Reg to see all of that again! Brings back so many good memories. I hope Ryker and Chads team does well! Tell them and the girls good luck for me!

It sounds like you and Ken will be kept busy with all her treatments coming up. Atleast they have fun activities at Primary Childrens Hospital. :) Hahah.. She has a lot going on in her body but I know she´s doing all that she can to kick out the cancer. That will be hard not being able to start 5th grade with all of her friends, but she´ll be back with them soon I know it! That´s so crazy school will be starting soon... wow.. time is seriously flying by right now. Does Pres have her school schedule yet? MOM dont ever feel like you´re jipping us! We dont know what its like to have a child go through something like this. I know you´re doing your absolute best to fit everyones needs. You are a FANTASTIC mom and I hope to be half the mom you are to me! You have set a high bar haha! 

That is so crazy Clint is home!! Ahh tell him welcome home for me, por favor! That will be nice to have Riley closer to home! It sounds like he´s doing good in Duluth! Im glad hes doing well with pitching. Thats my brother. :) That would be cool for you guys to travel to Oregon for those games. Seriously such a pretty state!

This week was great! Like I said I´ve learned so much from my companion!! We have 5 almost 7 investigators with a baptismal date and it´s the greatest. Im soo happy! We are teaching 4 teenagers right now who are so awesome. We had a lesson with them on Saturday and I could feel the spirit so strong! It was so great. The other day my comanion and I decided to visit and old investigator and as we were talking to her she said that she would like to learn more about the gospel and be baptized! WHAT?¡ Okay!!! We were seriously so happy. Im finally seeing  progress in missionary work here in Caucel. Its a blessing! I just hope and pray that everything continues to go well. It´s the best feeling to see these people light up when they receive an answer to a question they´ve been asking for awhile. 

It´s moments like these where I just know that the chruch is true! The truth is the truth. There are no doubts. God has created a perfect plan for all of us and all he asks us to do is follow Him and obey all of His commandments. By doing so we have the great opportunity to live with Him and our families for eternity!! I hope you are all doing well. Keep striving to be better. Thats what life is for!! Thanks for all that you do for me mom. You are the greatest!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic week.Talk to you next week. :) Love you!
Con amor, Hermana Gates


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