Monday, August 15, 2016

Baby Rats!

Hey mom!!

HAHHAAH golden child. Thats right. ;) Yeah its probably a good thing you didnt hear anything about the Hurricane.. You would´ve probably been freaking out.. ha. I dont have very many mosquito bites! I think those first few weeks were the worst but now its good. The blisters too. I dont have very many. Thank you for sending the Moleskin. It helps! I haven´t seen Mason or Amanda! I dont think they´ve found the mission office. 

Thats so cool Ken got to facetime her class! Mrs. T is the best. Tell her I say hi! :) Thats way crazy that school started. Here, school doesn´t start until the 28th! It sounds like Pres is doing great with soccer! Thats so fun she got to play varsity! Addie said she was going to try to watch her games before she leaves so Im glad she was able to do that!

I had my first interview with President Ruiz this week and it was so great. I truly believe missionaries are sent to their mission presidents not just the place. He is so nice and treats all of the missionaries like his own. Its great. He´s been to St. George too so we talked about how beautiful it is and whatnot. He´s great! I love Hermana Ruiz too! She´s the best. She wants me to talk to the latino missionaries in english to see if they are actually studying english during language study... and then after I talk to them I have to send her a message on how well they speak and then she will tell President. Hahah it will be fun! It´s kind of a little secret duty because she doesnt want anyone to know. So thats kind of fun hahah. 

Hermana Yasmines´ baptism is tomorrow!! Ahh she´s so great. Before writing you guys today we visited with her and she is so ready and so excited. She knows that the church is true! We went over some of the baptism questions and she truly understands everything. We are so excited for her. She told us that she wants to find a new job so she wont have to work on Sundays anymore!(YAYAYA) So, tomorrow is the day. Funny story, last week my companion and I visited with her again and she was in the kitchen cooking so we were talking to her in her kitchen... until all of a sudden my companion sees these little pink things squirming around on her counter. ha. We asked her what they were and she said they were BABY MICE. Baby mice mom hahah. She found them in her room! WHAT hahahahha. It was so funny but so weird at the same time. I have pictures so Ill send them!

We were invited to a mission call opening this week. One of the young men in our ward got his call and wanted us to go so we did. It was so cool. It was a little tender mercy for me. It reminded me of when I opened my call and how I felt after I knew I´d be serving in Merida. It´s an amazing feeling knowing that we are called to where we are supposed to be called. I love Merida! Things are going so great here! I love being a missionary and being a representative of Jesus Christ. No better calling for me right now. I have been so blessed! Thank you for the email! Its always so great to hear how you and everyone else is doing. I love you and hope you have the best week! Be safe!! 

Le quiero MUCHO!!!
Con amor, 

Hermana Gates


1)Sunset on sunday!
3)Baby rations!

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