Monday, August 22, 2016

1st Baptism!!


How are you doing?? Its so good to hear from you. yes! I got the package thank you thank you thank you! I
haven't opened it yet because we´re still in centro but im so grateful that its here! Thanks to Amanda and Mason. Im so sad that I didn´t get to see them but maybe thats a good thing hahaha. Thats awesome Ken got to go to school! Mrs. T is the best. She´s gonna love her this year! Thats way exciting that college is starting for Reg and Had today. I kind of miss college a little bit. It was a fun time hah! When does Riley start school? Thats awesome Pres is staying busy with school and soccer. I remember those high school days running from school to cheer to softball. Those days were so fun. She´s a busy girl!!

Im so proud of you mom! I bet your talk went great!! (Ps.... I really like those new dresses hahaha). You should send me your talk so I can read it!! Thats awesome that the whole family was there to support you. You´re the best mom! Hahaha when is Riley going to learn to shut off all of the lights? ;) shhhheeeshh hahahhaha.

You and Kenn travel a lot to PC! I guess I never realized how much time it actually takes with all of her treatments and everything. Poor thing! No bueno. But seriously its amazing that her body is fighting so hard. I know Im not there in the flesh and you probably dont tell me everything that actually goes on but it sounds like she´s doing good. And from all of the photos you send me it looks like she still has a lot of hair! Thats pretty amazing! hahahhaha that is so funny about the cable guy! Mexico is a beautiful place so I can see why he´d say it! ;)

Okay so YES! Hermana Yasmines baptism was great!! But very stressful! Lots of opposition, but we wont get into that hahah. It was such a cool experience for me. After she was baptized, my comp and I went to go see her and HOLY COW the spirit was so strong. She was glowing! She was soo happy and felt so good. I had goosebumps. It was awesome. She´ll be comfirmed the next time she´s able to come to church. :) We are so happy for her!! So listen. We had this one investigator who wasn´t progressing. and when that happens you pretty much have to stop teaching them. It´s really sad. I dont like "dropping" investigators. But wait. Yesterday at church, the Elders´ in the other ward came up to my companion and I and said that this investigator went to their sacrament with his girlfriend. WHAT. So we found him in the church and he told us and that he wants us to start teaching him again.!! AHHH. OKAY!! We are so excited to start teaching him again. He really has the desire to change and we are going to do all that we can to help him. Im so excited!

I was reading in the Liahona the other day and came across this quote by Elder Mervyn B Arnold in April General Conference 2016. "Elder Patania explained that, while we must be organized in our councils, quorums, auxiliaries, and even as individuals, we must not delay going to the rescue. Sometimes many weeks pass as we talk about hot to help families or individuals who are in special need. We deliberate about who will visit them and the approach to take. Meanwhile, our lost brother and sisters continue needing and something even calling and pleading for help. We must not delay." I love this!!! Here in caucel there are tons of less actives that we visit. Each person has a different story. A different trial. We all go through different things. Its mine and my companions job right now to find these people and to help them and be there for them as they are going through these difficult times. I know Im only 19 and dont know that much but I do know the importance of finding our lost brother and sisters and "rescueing" them. I have learned so much from these people and Im so grateful. I challenge you all this week to think of someone you think might need "saving" and go and "rescue" them. I promise you, you will be blessed by doing this. You will be blessed and you will be sooo much happier. Dont delay this time serve your brothers and sisters!

Caucel is great. The members are great. My companion is great. Im so happy to be here! I lovvvvvee this gospel. It´s seriously a privilage to be a missionary right now. Im very happy. I learn something new everyday! I hope and pray that you are all doing good. Always remember to read your scripture, pray everyday and go to the temple often. (You should start a family temple night or something). But seriously. It´s so important to do these things everyday.

I LOVE you soooo much! Talk to you next week. Be safe and choose the right.

Love, Hermana Gates

1, 2, 3)Making tamales!
4)Baptism photo!
5)One of the members in our ward has a racoon as a pet hahahah

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