Monday, June 20, 2016

Merida ~ Ready or not.. Here comes Hermana Gates!

Hola MOM!

Hello from Mérida!!!! Yes, I finally made it. One of my bags didn´t though! Ha so I´m really hoping that will come soon. Presidente Garcia and his wife are the best! Seriously they make you feel right at home. They picked us up from the airport and drove us to their house and made us breakfast. We took pictures, got our hamocks and I got my new companion! Oh my goodness I love her so much. She has been out a year and is seriously, so helpful. She´s wanting to learn english so we are going to be helping each other out. Presidente says she is very disciplined and knows her ways. She´s so nice. I feel like Im going to grow A LOT these next 6 weeks because of her. And yes!! So funny. I´ve known Elder Nysetvold for a couple weeks now!! It´s so funny though because when we were in the airport today we made the connection with Mark! So yeah. I know him. He´s great. Also, I met Hayden Nielsens brother! We got a picture on his camera and he said he was going to send it Ri! Merida is so beautiful. I love it so much. BUT it is so stinkin hot! Ha! It´s great. I cant wait to finally get to my area though. We´ve been in the city all day today. Did you get my voicemail message? Presidente said we could call home so I called you but you didn´t answer!

You and dad just need to buy a plane so you don´t have to keep driving on I-15... nahhh jk. It sounds like Ken is doing great!! Im a proud hermana. 

YES. Jacqueline Rodriguez was my maestra!! I told her to send you those pictures!! Did Jacobo Lara send you pictures too? He´s my otro maestro. I told him to send you some as well. 

So there is this latina who will be serving in St. George Utah!! Her name is hermana Avila. She is a sweetheart. I gave her your number so if she ever needed anything she could contact you hahaha. I hope thats okay. She left the CCM today too so she should be in St. George very soon!!

There´s not much to say! Im just happy to finally be in Mérida. I know that there are going to be some difficult times but it all depends on my attitude!! I´m going to make the BEST of this experience. AHHH. I seriously cant believe im here. I hope you have a wonderful week!!! Love you!!

Love, Hermana Gates

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