Friday, May 13, 2016


Mi familia!!!

Im so excited to email you guys! It was awesome to talk to you on Sunday. All of the missionaries couldnt stop smiling because we were soooo happy :) Well, i have some sad news... Hermana Rowle (The american companion who lives in Utah) had to go home to fix some things. I was really sad to see her go, but she says she is going to come back out in the mission field as soon as she can :) So yes. That means I am now in a trio! My companion Hermana Wolfgramm (shes tongan) and then my other compañera Hermana Feiloaiga (She is Samoan)!! I love them so much! They make me laugh so hard. Weve had so many good times here at the CCM. The Mexico CCM is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I always forget Im in Mexico because I dont really notice whats outside of the really tall fences that covers the CCM. Im actually really grateful for that. Yes, I see Elder Thorkelson everyday. We got a picture so I will send it to you after I send this email. I did get the package, but i havent gotten the letter yet. When did you send it? The food is okay. Like I said during our phone call, I really like the salad bar and fruit. The meat scares me sometimes.. but its fine! Ken! You are such a champ! Im so proud to call you my sister :) Kick that cancer out!! Thats so cool she got to play bingo over the TV. That sounds fun haha. Im glad Winston got to visit her again!! Love that dog. Im sure it made her really happy Youll have to send me a video of her pitching the first pitch at the BYU baseball game! She has so many people who love her! I feel so comforted being out here, knowing that you guys are all doing so well. Its so funny. When i was in high school taking spanish I would ALWAYS get headaches after class. I havent gotten a headache yet, its been a week and everyone speaks spanish 24/7. Blessings from the Lord!! Language classes are so great. Nuestra teachers know how to make the classes fun y entertaining. We get to go outside a lot to study el Libro de Mormón which Im VERY happy about. Teaching lessons in español es difficult. Ive realized these last couple days that it is impossible to teach without the Spirit. Gift of tongues is real. When me y mi compañeras have the Spirit we are able to teach and understand our investigadors. Its amazing. Our investigador Jorge said he would read the book of Momon and come to church with us and we are very happy about that. I know how to testify and pray in spanish. Sometimes i forget how to say prayers in english! haahah.. I really have to think about it. BUT I LOVE IT!! Its weird thinking that ive only been here for a week.. I feel like ive been here forever. haha. I cant wait to get to Mérida. One of counselors of the CCMs wife is the sister of my mission persidents wife. Does that make sense? HA I hope so. Its hot!! and not that humid. Kind of reminds me of St. George. We walk everywhere which im so happy about. Its prepping me for Merida. But.. they say Merida is 10 times hotter and SUPER humid. We went to the temple today! The temple is huge. It has escalators in it. So cool. But not that importante. The importante part is that I felt at home when we were doing a session. The temple is seriously the House of the Lord. They gave us headphones so we could hear everything in English. So that was nice. But the temple is very pretty!! It totally stands out here in Mexico. Hopefully we get to go a couple more times before I leave the CCM. FAMILY!! Go to the temple! It will bring you so much peace and happiness. You WILL feel at home :) That is my challenge to you for this week... :)Anyways, I dont want to make this email drag out forever, but I want you guys to know that I am SO happy!! Seriously. Things are going so good right now, and I know that Lord is looking after me and you guys at home. He loves us so much. We are so blessed to have the knowledge of the Gospel. WELL! Love you guys! Talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Gates                                

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